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WinJumble is a small, freeware application that enables its users to easily find anagrams and unscramble words.
WinJumble accepts two through thirty-one letters and finds all English words that can be made from them. WinJumble can help you:
Find word anagrams (try senator and see what word follows it in the list)
Unscramble jumbled words (try aeiouqs)
“…all English words…” above is a slight exaggeration. WinJumble knows about 376,000 English words. For comparison, the average speaker uses about 500 words, the average writer uses about 5,000 words, the average reader knows about 50,000 words, and English has a total of about 500,000 words.
The longest word WinJumble knows contains the letters accddeeehhhhiiilllnnooooprrrtty. Try them in WinJumble to see the longest word it knows.







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“WinJumble is a free, utility to help you unscramble jumbled words and find word anagrams. The word unscrambler is the fastest, while WinJumble is the most flexible.
Search by the position of the letters or by the letters of the alphabet. The program can find not only anagrams but also palindromes and anagrams created by rearranging all letters of a word. You can also make columns, rows, and diagonal lines.
The program uses a dictionary that contains about 500,000 English words, which means that it can find all English words.”
WinJumble Download:
Download WinJumble now.
Download the 2.0 version. WinJumble uses the Java language to operate.


Yes it’s free because he doesn’t make money on it.And yes it’s Java because he has other projects as is pretty widespread nowadays and even if he wanted to make a lot of money on it, he could do that.

I guess he’s an open source fan,he may not even know that he’s using Java,but Java is widely known and he’s probably using something like it or something very similar anyway,but yes,Java is widespread nowadays.

I guess the only reason he chose Java is because he’s a Java fan.and Java is widespread because it’s pretty easy to use.

This is my first time to go through the rambling of a particular person. I use winJumble as I have jumbled a lot of words, due to my poor handwriting. I would, therefore, like to know if there is a way to undo changes made to a word while using winJumble? I would also like to know how I can customize my words as to only let WinJumble search for certain words.

Please I need this to edit my words, jumbled by WinJumble as it’s my main source of a new word I need. Thank you.

What about making an anagrams project that would help find anagrams and find all English words made from a word.

If I’m not mistaken, or if someone can correct me, but a browser like firefox or chrome will show you all the anagrams that are available on the web, and you can change the options to only show anagrams that are available in the dictionary.

I like WinJumble, but I prefer Linux, so I’m

WinJumble Download For PC

This script adds WinJumble to the main menu. It starts up WinJumble whenever the system starts.
It can also be run via the command line, e.g. open a new tab in the browser and type:


WinJumble is now in the main menu and ready to help.

set allcmd=>winJumble.exe

bind x “%allcmd%” “^”

this binds all keystrokes to the open a new tab in the browser and type the keystroke

this is the F12 key. I think we all know what that key is.
The WinJumble script must be run in a text editor.

Press Ctrl-A in a text editor to select all.
Press Ctrl-C to copy the selection to the clipboard.
Press Ctrl-V in a text editor to paste.

Open a folder and run the WinJumble script in a text editor.

This folder must be open.
The “WinJumble.inf” file must be on a floppy or CD-ROM in that folder.
Open a terminal and type in the following:

cd \windows\inf\WinJumble

Type in the following command and press Enter:

inf add WinJumble.inf

Type in the following command and press Enter:


The WinJumble program will start in a new tab in the browser.
If you were just copying this to a floppy/CD-ROM, just stop the copy process and close the program.
You can now rename the folder to “WinJumble” or anything else you like.
Uninstall WinJumble with the following command in a terminal:


Remove WinJumble.exe from your desktop.


Open WinJumble.
Type in the letters that you want to anagram or unscramble.
Click the “Show” button to view the WinJumble result.

WinJumble can be used to scramble and unscramble words in all languages. All English words have a shorter or longer version.
To make all your friends think you are a genius, tell them that you use WinJumble to scramble and unscramble your words.
Try it on

WinJumble Crack Download

WinJumble is designed for general, quick usage on your computer. It can be used to find anagrams (words that are spelled one way and pronounced another) of any length you wish, and unscramble jumbled words. WinJumble has two modes: the Scramble View and the Anagram View. In the Scramble View, jumbled words are displayed with their letters separated by the symbols | and |. You can click on each of these letters to see the unscrambled word.
In the Anagram View, the words are displayed with their letters on the same line, so that you can easily recognize which letter of the words’ names is the same as which letter of the letters of each word.
You can also go to the Jumbled Words page, which shows all the jumbled words WinJumble knows. These words are jumbled with spaces (the app will display the correct unscrambled words, but in spaces). You can view the jumbled word on the page, and, if you click on each letter in the word, you can view the words that you can get by unscrambling that letter.
WinJumble has several features, such as the Thesaurus, Auto-Annotate, and Copy.
To use the Thesaurus, you can look up a word in WinJumble and find a list of synonyms that are a related words.
To use the Auto-Annotate, you can say an unscrambled word, and WinJumble will write a description of what the word means. WinJumble has a number of ways to write about words, including sentences, phrases, or even full paragraphs. For example, you might click on an unscrambled word “modify”, and WinJumble will write a brief definition of the word.
The Copy feature is similar to the Auto-Annotate. Instead of looking up the word, you enter it, and WinJumble will write a description. You can also choose if you want to have the description in your browser’s context menu (right-click on a word), or if you want it to be copied to the clipboard.
WinJumble is freeware and has no ads.
Thank you for downloading and trying WinJumble!

Anagrams and unscrambling are fun, but sometimes you don’t know where to start. This application comes to your rescue.
Find out how many words can be made out of a given

What’s New in the?

WinJumble was designed by Dave Smith, and is an open source project. WinJumble’s source is available at the WinJumble page and
User support and documentation can be found at
WinJumble runs on any version of Windows and runs in DOSBox.
The WinJumble source code is free software, licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3).

See also

JumbledWords, a general-purpose word processor for DOS
Jumble Jumble, a word game program
Scrabble Scrabble, a popular word game

External links, WinJumble’s official web site

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import java.util.concurrent.atomic.AtomicBoolean;

public class UserInfo implements Serializable {

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private String[] phones;

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private byte[] userPins;

private AtomicBoolean huduFavs;

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this.binfos = binfos;
this.userPins = userPins;
this.huduFavs = huduFavs;

public String[] getUserids() {
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System Requirements For WinJumble:

– OS: Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 8.1/Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows Server 2008 R2/2012/2008(64-bit)
– Processor: Intel Core2 Duo, AMD Athlon, or Phenom
– Memory: 2GB RAM
– Video: 256MB of Video RAM
– Graphics: 256MB of Video RAM
– DirectX: Version 9.0c
– Hard Drive: 50MB available space
Windows Installation:
– Click on the Origin Game from the