##VERIFIED## Xforce Keygen AutoCAD 2018 Mem Patch

##VERIFIED## Xforce Keygen AutoCAD 2018 Mem Patch

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Xforce Keygen AutoCAD 2018 Mem Patch

Sep 10, 2018
Copy the resulting patchmem_activex_patch.dll from userprofile\AppData\local\Temp folder into AutoCAD folder.

I tried your method and successfully Activated every thing. The only complaint is the x64(cross platform) installation of AutoCAD 2015 where the auto updater fails to download updates/upgrades. The office installer is successful. So, if you can get that to work on my Win 8.1 laptop, I will appreciate. And thank you for your help.


Your thread is over 6 years old, and if you still have problems with the x64 installation I recommend you download the Autodesk Upgrade Assistant for x64 which will handle that. Then follow the instructions in the Autodesk Help:

In the last step of installation, select Browse and locate your Autodesk Products folder.
Now, you can choose to select “Patch Library” and enter your request number. After patching, the Patch Library will automatically open for you to enter the activation code, as well as the license key.

If you already have the Patch Library installed, use it for this purpose.
I do not guarantee this will solve your problem. It sounds like you are on the same page.

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Why is memory usage of a collection twice the size of the object it contains (Joomla)?

I have my custom component which defines a property cache_title for the cacheStorage.
Immediately after the class is loaded, in production, I have the object instance:
$cache = new cacheStorage(‘componentName’);
$cache->set(‘test’, ‘test’, 0, NULL, TRUE);

And I expect it to be saved, of course.
However, when I monitor memory, the data is stored twice. The numbers look like this:
10: 3450 bytes
20: 3450 bytes
30: 3450 bytes

And so on.
Anybody knows why this happens?


A closer look tells me that there is a private property named _gc in the class cacheStorage, which is a reference to Joomla’s garbage collector. Obviously, Joomla’s garbage collector needs to collect cacheStorage instances and thus it needs to store your object twice.
To omit your object from the garbage collector, you can change your code:
$cache = new cacheStorage(‘componentName’);
$cache->_gc = FALSE;
$cache->set(‘test’, ‘test’, 0, NULL, TRUE);

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