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Playing from back in the day on emulator as Hammer Horror/Zaxxon
This is my most loved game of all time. I’ve made this soundtrack since 2015.
It was originally released in 1991.
This set has now been fully remastered and remixed by me and hopefully you’ll enjoy listening as much as I do!
Hope you enjoy it! 🙂 🙂
Thanks for checking out my channel!
As As Above so Below is a free remake of the iconic first person horror game.
Hope you’ll have as much fun as I did when I made this,
while making some noise on the floor.

The Journeys End

The latest in epic horror game series set in the world of COACHMAN!
Driving across America with hazed-eyes and bleeding hearts, both psycho and suburban, we finally arrive in the heart of New York – where the city’s stretched skin barely allows us any relief from the constant bloodspills and primal primal howls. The City turns its face to us, and we see our last judgement.
An N-RPG in a genre more silent than ever before.
Somewhere along the road to hell we’ve crossed the fine lines between epic and family-friendly, violent and not violent, so the game has to be for everyone.
In this world we meet, explore and fight against the ultimate enemy, making sure that every word the characters speak is weighted with meaning, so you will be given the deepest intentions as the game evolves with you.
The most deeply dark original story of a survival horror for the beginning generation since Blood+ and for the people who likes to play games as playgrounds.
Enjoy it as a rich experience, the girl in your train carriage is waiting for you, and she’s a scary bitch.
As the main character is a train-driver, the game offers 3 unique gameplay modes.
A realistic “bullet-hell”-style battle system with brutal encounters, a “riding” mode where you ride a motorcycle, a train-driver’s carrying his passengers to safety, and a deep crafting system that lets you make all sorts of weapons, armour, tools, and even healing items.
Finally, there is a campaign-mode with over 50 hours of


Features Key:

  • a realistic topography scene
  • a mysterious, dimensional game world
  • sophisticated game playing techniques
  • About the Game

    Localized version of >


    Archipelago, a century after war caused the destruction of the planet. Man has become a rare species and has decided to migrate from one island to the other. But there remains some question about whether the world itself still can be called «Planet Earth», as it has entirely different topography. And who will survive?

    The game starts with the trader passing through the first train station between the islands of the archipelago, inhabited by primitive orcs. The last years they have become a kind of mafia and now the site has become a kind of warehouse to sell goods, mostly medicines and food, to the passengers who have arrived at this point of the journey. It’s a long track and for a few minutes the trader goes by a motorway and its underpass. The passing through the underpass leads to the ultimate location of this board game.

    The Floor Is Made of Lava Details


    Graphics: Middle-class 3D model is used to highly-detailed landscapes (lots of details, exported to a HDR format), as well as to superficial graphics (graphics of the gameplay, UI interfaces).

    Audio: The game’s soundtrack is also used in full to each section of the journey, to survive the journey to the archipelago.

    Bonuses: It offers a special cargo list to save position of the player on the train (such as “the optimal car”, “the nearest station”).

    Numerical precision: Floors, walls and most of the scenery has been finely upscaled, but there are also some parts of the underside of the train in the lowest resolution, in


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    Alchementalist is very early in development and as such, some features may change and images are not representative of the final product.
    Alchementalist is a procedurally generated rogue-lite dungeon crawler. Use the power of the elements to craft your own spells and create outrageous combinations of elemental effects, altering the very terrain itself! Delve deeper into the mines to find materials and grow into the most powerful character you can. Take on dangerous foes, learn about the secrets of the Ember-mages and challenge yourself to reach the deepest layers of the mines seeking the Ember-source itself.
    Explore the ancient ruins of the Ember-mage mines, searching for the fabled Ember-source. Fight dozens of unique enemies, each with their own crafted spells and tactics, requiring strategy and reflexes to defeat. Encounter more and more dangerous foes as you venture deeper into the mines in your quest to find the Ember-source. The multi-tiered mines are partially hand-crafted, partially procedurally generated, guaranteeing each run is unique and exciting!
    Find and mine elemental nodes by blasting them away with your magic. Each elemental node will provide different materials based on what spell type is used to destroy it, allowing you to pick and choose what materials you take away from each node.
    Use the materials you’ve gathered to craft multitudes of spell upgrades or even completely new spells! Tailor your magic to exactly how you like to play. Change the target of the spells, add splash damage, modify spell effects, even make spells change the very terrain itself, the possibilities are endless.
    Hidden deep within the secret lore of the wise, lie tales of an ancient order of mages. Theirs was a life lived in the depths of the earth and they delved vast subterranean mines, plumbing the ancient rock for the magical elements that were formed from the bones of the world. One element they prized above all others. They called it the Ember-source and they craved and treasured it, for it was beautiful, powerful, and addictive.
    It was from this desired element that the name of their order came to be: Ember-mages. No one living knows why or how they vanished from this world, but vanish they did, and today their magnificent caverns lie in ruins, with only death and danger inhabiting them. Magical experiments and powerful abominations guard their secrets against those who dwell above. However, their tales and the seeds of truth that may be contained within have always attracted the brave and the foolhard


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    Download and play Hyper color ball for Windows!How to install Hyper color ball:1. Download the game2. Copy the extracted file to your Windows ‘Users’ directory3. Play!

    Audio Player lite:

    For this version of Hyper color ball you need to have the Audio player lite extension installed.

    Open ‘Control Panel’, ‘Appearance and Personalization’. Then, under ‘Other Programs’ choose ‘Audio Player lite’. You will be prompted to download and install the program.

    ]]>Thu, 20 Aug 2018 15:07:22 +0000 developer behind Wargroove has decided to give back to the modding community. Wargroove is an outstanding mod for Game Boy Advance, it can be played online or offline, with various AI, and many community made maps. On top of that, modders are provided with tools to quickly create their own, new maps and modes. A company called Bigfish Games was born from Wargroove developer ‘The Repository’.

    Wargroove’s developer “The Repository” decided to give a direct contribution to modding community by opening access to their own Source Engine assets. This includes game and map scripts as well as original character and enemy models.

    The game is currently in Early Access, and the modding community is being supported by some great individuals who are active on the Steam forums. “The Repository” is still looking for other developers who might be interested in creating something new and to make their own mods.

    ]]>Sun, 09 Feb 2018 14:14:25 +0000 are three main features of the game that make it stand out above other titles on the market.

    1. Mod Support

    Wargroove is a complete modding sandbox. The game is completely open-source and you can do what you like with the game. This means that you can create your own custom scenarios, maps and characters. It’s incredibly powerful and offers plenty of opportunity for gameplay mods.

    2. Chibi Art Style

    The art style is clean, simple and beautiful. You’ll never mistake this game for Super Mario World, but it’s still a lot of fun to


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