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SilverFast HDR Studio is an advanced software application specialized in scanning images into 64- or 48-bit HDR(I) RAW data format, edit photos, and work with an automatic color calibrating mode of the scanner.
User interface
The GUI looks a bit overwhelming at a first glance as it shows a comprehensive package of features dedicated to the editing process. The layout is customizable and you may disconnect the tool dialog from the main window and place it anywhere on the desktop.
If the interface looks two crowded, you should know that every dialog that integrates an editing parameter can be folded or unfolded separately, or closed. In addition, each individual tool dialog may be detached and placed on the desktop.
You may disable the editing functions that are not used at the current moment, reset the editing parameters to standard values, and activate the expert mode for fine-tuning.
The WorkflowPilot
The WorkflowPilot embeds all the parameters that you need for scanning and processing pictures. You can set up the image acquisition process by providing details about the source (print or image), task (e.g. archive, color restoration, editing actions, quick fix for automatic enhancements, highlight protection and shadow details), as well as color mode.
Depending on the final result that you want to acquire, the utility puts at your disposal different features. They differ according to the prior setup configuration of the image acquisition process.
The best part about SilverFast HDR Studio is that you are guided gradually throughout the optimization mode with the aid of a wizard.
Let’s say, you opt for an editing task. You may pick the target photo, specify the scan area and set the output resolution, apply an automatic image correction mode, check out a histogram, adjust gradation (midtone and contrast), correct very dark image areas using the Auto Adaptive Contrast Optimization feature, eliminate grain and noise, remove dust and scratch, as well as pick the output format (TIFF, PSD, JPEG, PDF, JP2) and enter metadata.
There’s also support for batch processing so you can apply the editing mode to multiple items at the same time and a job manager that keeps track of all your actions.
An overall powerful and efficient graphic editor
In conclusion, SilverFast HDR Studio provides an impressive suite of features designed for processing images, offers excellent output results, and is suitable especially for advanced users. You should expect from power apps like this one to eat up CPU and memory, so the overall performance of the system may be burdened.


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Download »»» DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






SilverFast HDR Studio Crack + For Windows

HDR Studio is an advanced digital photo and video editor with integrated calibration tool.
With SilverFast HDR Studio you may perform scanning, processing, editing, and output actions by selecting a target photo. The software lets you configure all parameters of the acquisition process. It includes a broad range of features, which you can configure according to the requirement of your task.
The program features multiple automatic and manual tools for your convenience. You may save all your job settings, and resume it later. Export your results and give them to your family and friends with the aid of the versatile file formats.
Cool features
* Scan from film negative, print, archive, share, and a device
* Direct color calibration of the image sensor
* Auto scan an entire picture in RAW format
* Batch processing of several items
* Lightroom Classic preferences support
* What’s new in HDR Studio 2.2:
* Option to preview the scanned image or perform another action
* Option to open a dialog that shows the preview image
* Ability to correct improperly illuminated objects
* Ability to turn off the artifact removal processing
* Option to automatically repair 3D artifacts
* New user interface
* New user interface layout
* Ability to open a dialog for each layer
* Better performance
* Reduced power consumption
* Option to build a gamma table
* Gradient maps in Photoshop
* Image stabilization
* Option to select the best scan engine
* Option to select the best target image
* Option to specify the resolution
* Ability to open a dialog where the RAW data is saved
* Option to activate print module
* Import/export images in a PDF format
* Import/export images to JPG/TIFF/PSD format
* Export images to an animated GIF format
* Export images in a PDF format
* Export images in a PNG format
* Print scan
* Scan rotated image
* Automatic image color correction
* Adjust image lightness
* Adjust image contrast
* Adjust image saturation
* Adjust image brightness
* Adjust image color
* Automatic image equalization
* Auto detect the image resolution
* Detecting noise and grain
* Remove dust and scratches
* Remove artifacts of highlights
* Auto remove skin and eye pixels
* Adjust image exposure
* Adjust image gamma
* Automatic crop
* Detect face and eyes (robot)
* Detecting face and eyes
* Detecting face and eyes
* Detecting face and eyes
* Detecting face and eyes

SilverFast HDR Studio Crack Free

SilverFast HDR Studio is a powerful and easy-to-use HDR photo workflow application dedicated to scanning, editing and output image adjustments. While it’s ideal for previewing and evaluating archival prints, it can also be used for web displays and for maximizing the visual appeal of standard prints.
The automatic image color correction mode allows for enhancing or refining the overall image quality by adjusting color balance, density, and other visual attributes. The application features an intuitive interface that guides you throughout the editing process by means of wizards. You are given a variety of options so you can adjust the settings to achieve high-quality results.
While keeping the process simple and straightforward for beginners, the application offers a number of advanced settings that help more experienced users fine-tune the results according to their preferences. The high-quality workflow module supports 50 input devices and allows for using the results in a variety of applications.
SilverFast HDR Studio offers the following modules:
1. Image Processing
2. WorkflowPilot
3. HDR 10 Scanning
4. Device Selection
5. Basic Color Correction
6. Advanced Color Correction
7. Preview
8. Post-Processing
The user interface is very straightforward and allows you to switch to various modules.
The application’s main window displays thumbnails of your scans in a preview pane. The user interface is very straightforward and allows you to switch to various modules.
There is a navigation panel with the following buttons:
The Image module contains most of the tools that allow you to:
1. Preview the images
2. Change the display settings
3. Edit the color parameters (contrast, saturation, brightness, gamma correction, and so on)
4. Protect image highlights and shadow details
5. Sharpen images
6. Remove dust and scratch
7. Compress images
8. Schedule automatic backups
9. Export images
10. Apply image enhancements
11. Create PDFs
The WorkflowPilot module provides all the essential tools for creating images from scans. The module has the following modules:
1. Image Processing
2. Manual Color Correction
3. Post-Processing
The Image Processing module provides tools for adjusting the scanning process (settings and input devices). You may switch between automatic and manual mode, adjust the settings for color correction and resolution. You can then select an automatic or manual workflow for image adjustments.
The Manual Color Correction module allows you to explore the standard settings that the scanner provides. The module supports

SilverFast HDR Studio Crack + For PC (2022)

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What’s New in the SilverFast HDR Studio?

Take control of your digital images and improve them by retouching tasks.
Start editing for free – at no cost for all premium and demo versions
There are just a few restrictions on the number of allowed edits in batch mode. It is worth noting that you should uninstall the software if you do not intend to make changes in the future.
SilverFast HDR Studio

SilverFast HDR Studio Screenshot
The software enables you to convert images into high dynamic range (HDR) format. This process is far from being a random one because of its complex engineering.
The interface comes with high quality tools designed to make corrections to your photos. However, it is worth noting that the tool is aimed mainly at professionals.
SilverFast HDR Studio Features:
Advanced Scanning Engine: The easy-to-use application scans images and prints them on-screen. The process is fairly fast and takes only a few seconds to complete.
High-Quality UV Printing: It produces images with a seamless look and high quality.
Image Correction: The software corrects color cast, reduces color aberration, removes artifacts, eliminates noise, brightens dark image areas, removes highlights, and uses auto-adaptive contrast optimization to even out the picture. It does not affect image quality, and all adjustments are reversible.
Image Enhancement: The software improves the tonal range by adjusting the brightness, contrast and sharpness, and brightens faint shadows as well as dark areas.
Professional Batch Processing: It converts multiple photos into high dynamic range images in batch mode, fixing the color defects such as skin blemishes, black eye-balls, and uneven light.
System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 64-bit (SP1)
Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5 or later
2 GHz processor or faster
2 GB RAM or more
75 MB free disk space
Software Reviews:
Just like other applications offered on Soft-EDG, the software is presented by a reliable and useful manufacturer. It offers the best and highest quality editing and scanning options and is quite easy to use. It also permits you to create advanced and stunning images in an easy way.

Brighten your web photos in a flash!
Whether you are a professional photographer, web graphic designer or a just a casual web surfer

System Requirements:

Supported OS:
Mac OS 10.7+
Windows XP or later
Supported Browser:
Internet Explorer 9 and later, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
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