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React native custom component with image gallery loop

Hi I am developing a react native app with a custom component (map) with an image gallery. The map component is filled with a list of images and when the user click the first image the next image appears. This is working fine for the first image. But I have to click the button multiple times for the next image to appear. This is only working for the first image.
My current onPress method:
onPress={() => this.props.navigation.navigate(‘Item’)}

My onPressListItem is a component that is similar to the onPress method above but without navigating.
I have the following component:
export default class Map extends Component {
constructor(props) {
this.state = {
imageIndex: 0,

this.options = {
image: require(‘../assets/images/map-items.png’),
height: 200,
width: 200

render() {
var width = this.options.width,
height = this.options.height,
top = height * this.state.imageIndex,
image = this.options.image,
itemWidth = width – 20,
centerX = width / 2,
centerY = centerX,
size = Math.min(itemWidth, centerX),
absoluteTop = top,
left = centerX – size / 2,
right = centerX + size / 2,
absoluteLeft = left,
absoluteRight = right,
landscapeScale = centerX / width,
landscapeWidth = width / landscapeScale,


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    When you are defeated, the character who beat you will take your avatar.
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    *The information and products on this page are subject to change in accordance with the game’s release. Please contact the development team directly for updates and information.Thank you for your interest in the game!*1. Elden Kingdom is a unique fantasy action RPG adventure game that takes place in the Lands Between, an open world full of powerful and stunning landscapes.2. The game is set in an open world where you are free to roam wherever you like. You can choose your own path through various locations and there are many different possibilities within the Lands Between.3. During your travels, you will be able to meet, fight, and talk with many different people from the different classes, races, and towns.4. Selecting a class and race is a vital part of the gameplay. The class and race you choose will have an impact on the weapons, skills, and attributes available to you.5. The story of the game is a series of distinct stories that you can encounter and interact with. Your choices during the battles will be reflected in the story of the game.6. The game is not a typical turn-based RPG. The pace of the battle and the speed of the turn are determined by the


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    “A sword of your own, on the hands of the oppressor” is the song of the Heiwal.

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    The Heiwal is an Elden Ring sword with a dragon emblem inlaid with ruby and with the image of a man wearing a knight’s armor and riding a horse at the point.

    The weapon is broken in three places and the deep groove at the top of the blade appears to be used for splitting wood.

    There are three types of Heiwal:

    The Heiwal of No Fortune

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    The emblem of the kingdom of the gods also appears on the blade of the Heiwal of No Fortune.

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    The Heiwal of Great Fortune

    The Heiwal of Great Fortune has a blade with the image of the shield of the Royal Elden Forces, an image of the Elden Sword, a pair of twins, and the dragon flame emblem.

    The name of the Heiwal of Great Fortune is “dragon flame.”

    There are nine different ranks of swords with the Heiwal of Great Fortune.

    The Heiwal of Great Fortune has a blessing of the Heiwal, allowing its holder to swing it with strong power.

    The Heiwal of Great Fortune is part of the amount of items that the royal Elden Forces give as an inheritance.

    The Heiwal of Great Fortune is exclusively given to the King of the Elden Forces.

    The Heiwal of Great Fortune is the most precious and powerful of the Heiwals.


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    Tests in Selenium using Protractor

    There is a table with many lines, I am trying to find the phone number in a row of the table. For example there are 4 phones in that row. I choose first and then I choose the different one from an application. The problem is that the application has to pick the right phone out from the table and make a call. If we are using the automation tool it would be easier than manually go to the application and select the right phone and call. But this is not a problem to do manually. The question is why that is not working with my script. I have attached a picture of the table. There are 4 phone numbers in each row and it’s not possible to choose


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