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The Elden Ring game is a fantasy action RPG game featuring both online multiplayer and offline single player mode, all in one title. The story features characters connected by the ghosts of an ancient forgotten race. The player must play the story through in order to understand their place in the world.

The Elden Ring is a console game that is being developed with an immersive 3D theme. The background images and accompanying music use 2D animation rather than live action, and the game’s story is being revealed through fragments that are gradually brought together.

You can visit our game site by clicking here:

[Elden Ring Game Official Site]

[Elden Ring Social Media]

[English Official Facebook Page]

[Japanese Official Facebook Page]

[German Official Facebook Page]

[Hong Kong Official Facebook Page]

[Chinese Official Facebook Page]

[Weibo Official Account: @jkgame (Chinese)]

• Game Schedule

● A New Main World: The Lands Between

○ Dungeons & Maps

● Characters

● Events

● Equipable Items

● Customization

○ Monster AI

● Multiplayer Support

● Tutorial Mode

● Achievements

● Support System

○ Character Growth

● Items

● Monsters

○ Events

● Quests

○ Character Skills

● Monster & NPC Skills

○ Equipment Skills

● Items

○ Equipment of Characters

○ Character Record

○ Player Stats

● Dungeons, Maps, Events & More

● Online Multiplayer

○ Solo Mode

○ Class System

● Continual Updates

○ Treasure Boxes

○ Event Rewards

○ Training Mode (Crafts)

○ Random Battle

● Love for the Elden Ring!

○ New Events

● English Server Support!


○ How to Play:

Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

○ A Vast World Full of Excitement

○ Create your own character


Features Key:

  • A Paradox in Action RPG
    A high-action RPG in which in-depth and interesting party battles are blended with the story of rising against the tyrannical Demon King.
  • Unceasing Challenge
    A wide, endless battlefield where powerful enemies stand guard around you. There are no enemies simply existing to remain in the background and serve as your tutorial. For good players there are endless challenges, creating a fresh look to the game.
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    • New Game Recommendation

    • New Game Recommendation

    The Giveaway dates are as follows:
    Current Giveaways –
    Past Giveaways –
    The new giveaway dates are:
    19th Oct – Book of Elden Ring – November

    13th Nov – Book of Elden Ring – January

    24th Nov – Book of Elden Ring – February

    14th Dec – Book of Elden Ring – April

    And as before, if you are interested in the first giveaway, and live in Ireland, then please do check your username carefully, you might already have a winner!
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    Elden Ring For Windows [Latest 2022]

    ○ Online Play
    Numerous online connections to other players are available. However, players must first connect with the “Global Match” server, which allows you to find matches quickly.
    ○ Synchronous and Asynchronous Play
    Players can participate in a cooperative game through the “Synchronized Play”, in which your actions are displayed on the same screen. During the course of the game, however, the “Asynchronous Play” is enabled. This enables you to play a game that allows you to perform actions without your other players’ simultaneous presence. The actions performed by all players can be displayed at the same time.
    ○ Select Online Players
    The game’s online players are rated according to three classes: ELDER, COMMANDER, and ADMIRAL. The display order is determined by whether the player has a high, medium, or low basic level. There is a problem that prevents players in the same world from playing together. Therefore, we will not accept game invites from players outside the current world.
    ○ Unique Online Features
    Authentic battlefields and dramatic online battles are conducted within the game, allowing you to enjoy your own battle within the game.
    1. Card Distribution
    An online player’s character gains experience points at the start of each mission, and each unit gains its designated card at the end of the battle. Cards can be viewed by right-clicking the card on the screen.
    2. Play Style
    Players can play out unique combat styles ranging from a straightforward fight to a well-rounded battle.
    3. Tutorial
    Guidelines on how to play the game are provided in the tutorial.
    4. Ranking
    Various achievements, such as defeating various missions, are provided.
    ○ Password Management
    Using a password, you can protect your online account.
    ○ 2-Step Authentication
    2-step authentication provides protection against players using impersonation.
    ○ Emergency Account Creation
    Emergency account creation provides you with an easy way to create a new account if your original account becomes lost or stolen.
    ○ Account Security Settings
    You can configure the settings for your account such as your name, nickname, and password.
    ○ Achievements
    You can view a list of achievements for online players and access the FAQ for any questions regarding achievements.
    ○ Web Opinions
    You can view your current level of popularity and the level of recognition that your name receives within the game.
    ○ Global Message Board
    A message board is provided


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Welcome to the Nexon Korea newsroom! Enjoy our latest news below:

    Jungan Puzzle Collection : Various Nexon games come to Nexon Arcade

    Nexon today added Jungan Puzzle Collection to its arcade-style game service, which brings various Nexon games into a convenient and easy-to-use delivery system. Jungan Puzzle Collection provides users with a set of convenient and simple instructions on how to play each of the games offered. Once users download and install the games, they are immediately available to play with no time, labor or effort required. Game content and application is managed and browsed online, and instruction is chosen through games like various fantasy novels that let players participate in a new experience of convenience. Once its character appears, the user presses the desired button of their own choice, and is instantly provided with comprehensive instructions on how the game’s mechanics operate. Jungan Puzzle Collection will be available to free download from the App Store and Google Play starting April 22nd.

    ◆DS Copyright Issue : Square Enix raises inconvenience

    Square Enix has emphasized that it fully and honestly implemented all regulations of the DCMA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) and the Community Rating System on the PlayStation 3 versions of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, FINAL FANTASY XIV Online: A Realm Reborn and FINAL FANTASY XIV Online: A Voicer’s Testimonies. However, the developer is experiencing difficulties because Square Enix actually had filed the registrations for the PlayStation 3 versions of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD as Applications for New or Modified Works, which would apply to the original Soundtrack version of the title. As a result, the developer will need to cancel those registrations at this time. Square Enix will continue to keep users continually informed regarding the progress of the matter via update notices while it continues to seek follow-up measures in the relevant offices.

    Censored Videos : Reduced quality for visual elements

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. One of our servers was experiencing some issues. As a result, we were unable to meet your expectations of viewing FFXIV videos online.

    In order to remove any possible frustration on players’ part, we temporarily reduced the quality of the visual elements of our videos, and thus request your understanding on this occasion.

    ◆DraftKings Fantasy Football : New features a correction

    We’re sorry for the inconvenience that DraftKings Fantasy Football Users may be experiencing as we continuously work on the game. For additional information,


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    • Dolby Digital
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