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The Elden Ring Game, a fantasy world action RPG with a story of the Lands Between, in which you experience a card battle between the Elden Ring and Chaos, is now available for PC and will be available for mobile devices in 2018.

The Elden Ring is a fantasy action role-playing game (RPG) in the card battle genre (i.e., card-based RPG) and focuses on the Lands Between between the heavens and the earth. Players can choose to be a dominant Elden lord, a powerful warrior, or a magic-user.

In the game, players can create their own heroes and fight for glory in the Elden Ring. Heroes must advance through levels by accumulating points based on the results of the game. As a result, players can grow powerful and fight more powerful enemies by building up their decks of cards with powerful strength, speed, and special ability.

The Elden Ring Game released on Steam, Garena, and Kakao and is available for free at


The Elden Ring is a fantasy card battle game in which you choose your hero class and fight against other players online in seamless multiplayer battles.

In addition to battling against other players, you can fight against several enemy Lords from other times or other worlds.


Elden Ring uses a blockchain technology to verify the reliability of game outcomes. This means that the game can guarantee to you that you have received the highest-quality game results based on the level of reliability that is expected in the game industry.

With the further integration of blockchain technology and the recognition of the properties of the technology itself as a new industry, we are planning on developing the land of Elden Ring’s blockchain technology ecosystem through the creation of the TERRACE (T.E.R.A.C.E.) concept.

The purpose of developing the TERRACE (T.E.R.A.C.E.) concept will be as follows:

1. To create a blockchain-based game industry centered around the products of every company that plays Elden Ring Game, and more importantly, the creation of an ecosystem centered on the blockchain and the ability to develop games that can be used as an alternative to existing games or as a new industry, centered around the blockchain.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • RPG action with aesthetics similar to other RPGs
  • Plenty of things to do
  • Multi-character play with dungeon dungeons similar to other RPGs
  • Single-character play with town dungeons
  • Tiered battles for members of the same party
  • Over 30 quests
  • Book system to read and understand background information to quests
  • Interactive menus with intuitive function
  • Loot effects based on the strength of your battles
  • Special items, abilities that allow you to gain advantages
  • The over 70 unique items and spells for crafting
  • Elemental power granted by ritual use to help you overcome attacks
  • Intense battle system centered on Continuous Evasion
  • Support items such as buffs and new recipes in the game
  • Equality between men and women with new content for both

    As a fantasy action RPG, save other worlds, save other life, enhance your own power and awaken the power of the Elder Ring and return them back to the world of the Elder civilization.

    To become a Tarnished, a Tarnished is born.

    The Elder Ring has been sealed inside the protagonist Tarnished’s body. For unknown reasons, he has been linked to a limitless source of magic and strength.

    For a Tarnished who is so high in magical power, “Elden Ring” becomes his name, his dream, and his mission.

    A Vast World Where One life Joins Another.

    The Lands Between is where the protagonist lives. In an area relatively free of problems of the normal world, it is said to be a realm where Tarnished can become “people.” The world consists of fields, forests, lakes, mountains, towns, and dungeons.

    While the Tarnished is in the Lands Between, he is able to interact with the normal people of the world.

    A World of Action and Drama.

    People who stepped into the uncertain world of the Lands Between. Young girls, old men, and not-so-bright people meet here and experience a variety of exciting things.

    It’s also the home of dangerous evils that are nothing compared to what you may have experienced in the normal world. Overcoming these vast amounts


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    ● “The developer has really worked hard to create an image that could never have been seen before in RPG games.” – GameSpot

    ● “Very enjoyable MMO RPG.” – IT Media

    ● “A very interesting virtual space.” – Game Journal

    ● “I think that the game’s online environment has an interesting and unique feeling.” –

    ● “It gives me a good feeling to play an MMO game in the virtual world of a warrior.” –

    ● “The game is more enjoyable than most MMO games because it emphasizes the importance of the online interaction.” –

    ● “I really enjoy the atmosphere of the game because it is very far-reaching and diverse.” – GameJournal

    ● “The reward system is very different, and I was really surprised.” –

    ● “The game has an attractive cast, but sadly there is a problem with the English.” –

    ● “As a fantasy MMO RPG, it is unique in the entertainment market.” –


    ● “The appearance of the game was very attractive.” –

    ● “The graphics are gorgeous.” –

    ● “Vast world, diverse scenarios, simple movement, and enjoyable game play made it a fun experience.” –

    ● “The feeling of a screenshot from a mobile phone can be seen clearly.” –

    ● “The whole game reminds me of my childhood.” –

    ● “In the end, I was transported to a time when I was young.” –

    ● “By connecting in real time to my friends, I was able to feel like I was playing with real people.” –

    ● “I think it would be more fun if I could freely change the design of the character.” –

    ● “It is very nice to be able to explore the vast world of the game.” –

    ● “


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    • Draconic Features like Walking and Jumping, as well as an Easy Player Movement System
    ・ Walk smoothly
    ・ Cast various skills at the same time
    ・ Downloadable Content
    ・ Passive Skill to Travel While Walking
    ・ “Generic” Difficulty
    ・ Enchantment Skill to Enhance the Skills of Other Characters
    ・ Reasonable Cost
    ◆ Features
    The game is a fantasy action RPG developed in cooperation with Ludia, Ltd., in which you journey through the Lands Between accompanied by the companions who have developed as a result of the character-creation. It was made from the ground up in a way to relax the user and provide a new experience. The world that comes with a sense of causality is designed around “Global Guidance from the Gods.”
    ◆ The World Between and the Creatures Who Dwell Therein
    In the game, an incomprehensibly vast world called the Lands Between lies spread out. You may choose to travel there to challenge a new challenge and become an Elden Lord. In addition, this is also a world in which there are other races beyond humans; creatures such as dragons that live there.
    ◆ The Worlds Between and the Creatures Who Dwell Therein
    ◆ The Lands Between
    The Lands Between are a distant place populated by other races, and where adventure awaits you. There are three types of worlds between: the city, the town, and the village. Furthermore, the Lands Between have various locations with different environments, such as rivers, volcanos, mountain passes, and more.
    ◆ The Different Races Between
    In the game, there are various races between, such as giants, ogres, gnomes, elves, raksha, and others. Each race possesses their own unique abilities and traits, such as raksha being able to turn their skin into iron, or ogres being able to turn their skin into stone. They may die during the game, but you can carry their bodies in your inventory.
    ◆ The Different Races Between
    ◆ The Creatures Who Dwell Therein
    ◆ Over 450 Elemental Spirits
    A diverse world with several races, both mythical and familiar creatures. All serve as companions that will accompany you.
    ◆ Over 450 Elemental Spirits
    ◆ Over 90 Skills
    ◆ Over 650 Magic Items
    What it is
    ◆ A Fantasy Action RPG Developed from the Ground Up
    ◆ Dialogue Based on Prose
    ◆ A Multilay


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    —–The main three classes in Kingdoms of the Ring——

    • Paladin
    • Oracle
    • Knight

    —–Class Enhancements———-


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