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Role-playing games (RPG) have always had a story focused on individual characters and their own quests, but the original Seven Star Stories are telling a tale that should be experienced by all. As you explore the world, the numerous ideas and stories that each person has will allow you to create your own version of the story.

• Evolves and Functions Like a Fantasy Story
In addition to the online functionality, online an offline element is included in order to ensure that you can enjoy the story of the new world and the characters that you create.

• Unique Adventure with Over 60 Characters and 8-Bit Animation in 3D
The story of Seven Star Stories is illustrated in wonderful 3D images with cutting-edge CGI and cleverly designed graphics.

• Customization and Development
With the flexibility of character creation, you can decide for yourself which stories you want to live out. You can custom create your own costumes and weapons, and choose from a variety of magic as you learn on your own.

– LIKE the official Facebook page at
– Download the latest game updates from the official website at
– Drop by the official Discord server ( and join the official community.
– You can get the latest information on the latest news from our Twitter account at @star_stories.
– You can follow us on our official blog at
– We love the feedback!
If you have any questions, join the website or contact us via email, or you can find help at our official FAQ at



Features Key:

  • Take control of your character and forge your own path.
  • Become a powerful nobleman of the Elden Ring with unique and interesting character traits.
  • Fight in large scale battles against other players online, hold open-world dialogue with numerous NPC’s and drama!
  • The free equippable class cards, invaluable and cheap! Find the class that matches your play style and build your character to MAX.
  • The legendary hero weapons…are here!
  • New action RPG battles with no out of depth maps. For the first time ever, enjoy the thrill of arranging the battle fields.
  • Not just be a character…be a lord! New AP system and the ability to build castles to reach your goal.
  • Real-time battle action, with split-second opportunity to overpower your opponent.
  • Detailed and amazing graphics with an intense fast-paced art style!
  • Elden Ring Battle System:

    • 6 battle types and a custom battle type made for PvP. All battle types are are fast-paced and fluid combat, with just a few button presses you can send your opponent to the brink of defeat.
    • Double action move – with the press of a button, 2 attacks are ordered in succession. Each of the two actions has different benefits. Drag your finger to have a satisfying combo skill.
    • NPC action – NPCs can use a ‘dialogue button’ to send character to a time-out dialogue with other characters. This is a great tool for diffusing situations such as when an NPC wants to slow down combat to warn other characters of an incoming attack.
    • Equip items. Equipment Upgrade the class that best suits your battle preferences and improve your ability to cause damage.
    • Advanced equip features (Suicunes, armor materials, etc.)
    • Skill system defining overall tactics and safety conditions (trap, etc.)
    • All UI is dynamic, offers an optimal number of actions at the very start of the game and a neat option to cover the display of elements that are unnecessary (or unimportant) for your current strategy.


      Elden Ring Crack + Download [32|64bit]

      • GameSpot

      “You can play in one of many environments, crafting a character that fits your playstyle”

      • Gamespot

      “The online space is where much of what makes Elden Ring Cracked Version unique shines”

      • Eurogamer

      “An online-only game with a surprise lockbox: all the welcome distractions of Elder Scrolls Online, but with fewer pop-ups, less time wasted on the toilet, and less damage to my brain cells.”

      • The Guardian

      “I kind of felt like I was in a faux-MMO”

      • IGN

      “This world is complex, charming, and fun to explore, and the sheer wealth of gear to be obtained from it is staggering.”

      “Truly your own in the Elder Scrolls fashion, with your own unique limitations and options, this is a truly fitting representation of Elden Ring’s intent” “There’s so much to say about this game, but that won’t mean a thing when the food gets cold and the sun goes down. This might be the most diverse, enjoyable and surprising Elder Scrolls that I’ve ever played. ”

      “Elden Ring is a game that knows exactly what it’s doing.”

      • IGN

      “The combat is fast-paced, with real-time reactions and counters, and huge arenas that increase in size and scale as you use your magic more and more. Once the abilities and skills are mastered, you can start to do massive damage and really feel like you’re playing a game that’s not afraid of killing you.”

      • PC World

      “The combat is a true blend of Elder Scrolls and Shadow of the Colossus combat”

      • Japanese-based website SuperBrowser

      “An interesting Elder Scrolls in which the theme of the game is dreams.”

      • G4TV

      “If you like Elder Scrolls, you’ll love Elden Ring.”

      • VG247

      “Elden Ring is an engrossing, beautiful action RPG that should stay in your browser for a while.”


      “Elder Scrolls fans will find a lot to love in Elden Ring”

      • Gamefaqs

      “My biggest issue with the game is the large amounts of game breaking glitches. They happen all the time,


      Elden Ring [Win/Mac]

      【Story & Setting】
      In the world of Elden Ring, the lands are separated by a barrier known as the Mistwood, which divides the kingdoms and ravages the people without end.
      In a dream, a girl named Valkyrie wakes up from a long sleep in a strange place and discovers a mysterious man who challenges her.
      A new legend begins…
      【Dark Scenario】
      The 18-year period of Ragnarok
      Sudden Disaster: The Mistwood Barrier that divided the lands collapsed, and the barrier that separated the kingdoms and ravages the people has vanished.

      Ragnarok: The end of the world.
      Mistwood War: The unimaginable aftermath.

      【Main Game Features】
      – Features that remain unchanged since the Final Fantasy series.
      – The first Final Fantasy action RPG for smartphones.
      – With a vast and detailed setting, the story and gameplay will stay with you.
      – New elements and a new direction for FINAL FANTASY made for a Final Fantasy that’s different and new.

      【Controller Support】
      – Press the ‘+’ button to activate the Quick Event
      – Press the ‘L1’ button to activate the Screen Shift
      – Press the ‘R3’ button to activate Online Play
      – [Available in the English version] Using the D-Pad, move the camera around
      【Online Play】
      Get a new multiplayer adventure with other players.
      – There are a total of 60 enemies for the main story, and 12 bosses as well.
      – Although fights with enemies that are unlocked in the main story are available in World, no progress is saved.
      – In online play, a race-type mode and campaign mode are available.
      – Over the course of the campaign, you will be able to meet a number of different play styles, such as a battle mode that uses action strategies and turn-based battles.
      – The battles will be available by completing quests in the various kingdoms.
      – You can complete the game in all the available kingdoms as well.

      – A town, castle, battle arena, etc.
      – You can increase the gain you receive for your trades, including potions and items.
      – The coin you receive from your trades can be used to equip new weapons and armor.
      – In the tournament, you can meet up with other players from around the world and clash in combat.
      – A variety of quests can


      What’s new:


      © 2017 Ocean Interactive AB.


      About Ocean Games:

      Ocean Games, Inc., located in South Korea, was established in June of 2008 with our first game, World of WarCraft, successfully launched in August of 2009. A world leader in the MMORPG category, we have continued to expand our portfolio of games by forming partnerships with major publishers while growing our game development technology, achieving unprecedented skills and technology in the realm of games. Ocean Games, Inc. currently holds the No. 1 ranking in player number and revenue in Asia.

      Ocean Interactive


      Under no circumstances is it legal for you to copy, reproduce or modify this software or any part thereof. In fact, by using and copying the software you agree to hold the original developer, Ocean Interactive AB, and ALL its subsidiaries harmless of any illegal practice. Even if you “share” the package with others, you may not “resell” it. The Java version of World of Warcraft is NOT MODIFICATION or you are telling that you agree to these laws. may seek damages!


      Free Elden Ring Crack + For Windows

      1. Please download and install IdleApk first.

      2. Open File manager then open IdleApk

      3. Go to /system/app

      4. Find ATOMIC.APK and Internal Storage.APK

      5. Find ATOMIC.APK then Internal Storage.APK and copy both of them to ATOMIC.APK

      6. Open your game.apk then go to data folder.

      7. You will find scores folder then open scores.sqlite

      8. Go to Data folder then open atomic.db and create atomic.db edit. After that go to data folder and open scores.sqlite

      9. Copy results.sqlite to data folder then open.

      10. Paste results.sqlite in scores.sqlite then go to data folder.

      11. You will find scores.sqlite. Open scores.sqlite in Notepad++ then press CTRL+U and paste.sqlite

      12. Save score.sqlite and go to system>data folder>your id>your id>data>scores.xml

      13. You will find scores.xml

      14. Open this scores.xml and find Score key and copy this value

      15. Open scores.sqlite then paste this lines on Scores.sqlite (in place of myscore)

      16. Save scores.sqlite and scores.xml then restart your game.


      17. Open Scores.sqlite and after Find scores.sqlite cursor right click and go to Revert to default.

      18. Check your score and restart IdleApk

      19. Go to IdleApk then check your score.Q:

      Eclipse Neon 8 (Juno) error: “The workspace is unusable”

      Somehow my workspace became unusable. I have created a new workspace with the same name as the old one, but now it shows an error.
      The error is: The workspace is unusable.
      What is the problem?


      It’s because the workspace does not have a zip archive as a project description. When you create a new workspace, a zip archive is created under the project description.
      Since you are creating a new workspace and not updating it, there is no zip file under the


      How To Crack Elden Ring:

    • Download the Pro Version HERE
    • Run the installer in a root directory
    • Enjoy the game without any online verification
    • Go to Settings > Configuration Manager > Extensions (it will not be visible by default)
    • Enjoy and bask in the beautiful world.


    • Change the region &city
    • Play offline or use the Offline function at the game’s main menu.
    • Use UPnP with your router to enjoy the joy of playing the game even when not in the home network
    • Have fun and enjoy a beautiful war in the fantasy world!


    • Constraints applied by some content (whether legal or illegal) may be applied to your use of the product. We cannot accept liability in the case of any violation of such constraints.
    • This version is only for offline use. While the game can be played online, this version does not support using “through the cloud.” After all, it is a game. However, We are planning to add the support for the online play feature.
    • When using this version, please be aware that there are residual elements. It is very important to save your game during offline play.
    • You can install and play the game in the Settings > Configuration Manager. Because this version is different from the previous version, the boot screen may not display even if you update. Please disable the online parts in the Setting Options, and then update.
    • Please be aware that this version is not officially supported. Some errors and bugs will be present. We are preparing a patch.
    • Offline play is only supported in Pro Version.
    • In the Pro Version, you can use your own microphone, which is not a problem.

    If you continue, we will install the trial version.

    Pro Version Information:

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