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PageRaptor is an application that will capture data from web pages (yellow pages, white pages, super) and will save it to an Excel file.
The program is fully automated and can extract data from the yellow, or pink, or white, blue, or whatever pages of the world at an average speed of over 10,000 lines per hour (for the faster web sources). You can grab data from the web in no time, and save it to your database or spreadsheet.







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• It is an Automated Web Data Extraction Application. It comes with sample files ready to use for testing.
• The program can be used in two ways, Automatic (full automation) and Manual (select pages to grab data manually)
• It is made for Business and Statistics. Why? Because of the huge number of web pages needed to be reached. Other reason is the fact that statistics are always more accurate when data is gathered from a larger population. (Your data will be more accurate)
• It is made for you to work on your own system. You can select the pages you wish to capture data from and all the data will be saved to a file for further processing.
• It is fully customizable, including the order and the speed of pages to be grabbed. You can modify any setting and have it saved to the file. The program will resume the same settings as you ran it before.
• The program has an advanced tree view to make it easy to find the pages you want to grab data from.
• Once the page is grabbed, you will be provided with the option to grab the link, or the id (website url).
• All the other data will be transferred to a formatted cell. Just put it in a spreadsheet or database.
• Other options to filter data include date ranges, sections in websites and specifications of the website.
• Some examples would be to grab data from a whole website with the date range to be shown from 6/1/2010 to 6/1/2015. Or you could select all pages coming from a search term and specify the page size to be used.
• The Program also provides a Reports Tab, where all the info collected will be displayed on a nice GUI to help you understand better what is happening in your computer with this program.
• The program comes with a 15 day trial. After that it will ask for purchase.
• Contact me for more info and price/rates.
• If you have any suggestions or questions, you can send me an email to
*Note: The program is in Spanish, so if you don’t understand the language, sorry.
PageRaptor Download With Full Crack Screenshots:
• Basic installation
• Screenshot after the installation
• Application selection
• Add a directory
• View all directories
• Choose the directory
• View directory contents
• View directory contents
• Click on the directory
• View directory

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PageRaptor Download With Full Crack is a software that searches the network to get the information required for the website. It extracts the information like site’s name, address, phone number, website’s address, ASN, etc. It is accurate and fast. It can be used to create static site maps.
This software includes in one software, browser and crawler. This software is advance automated software that crawls through the entire web, and it can extract the data from any website that you want to.
** Data update status – Status changes according to whether the website is updated or not.
** Extracts data from the website – Will extract the data from the whole of the website.
** Export to Excel – A data can be easily exported from the software to Excel.
** MultiLanguages – Separate the languages of the data.
** Export to CSV – An extract of the website can be exported to the CSV file (CSV stands for Comma Separated Values).
** Data types – The available data types are, name, address, phone number, website, ASN, latitude, longitude, google map, and more.
** Update search – Updating search is made possible.
** Browser – Special browser which gives you the site map of a website.
** Crawler – Crawlers can be used in search options.
** File structure – The software contains a certain file structure when it’s saving data. It can be easily understood.
** Progress – The system will be able to track the progress which you made in saving data.
** User guide – All the operations are defined through the user guide. Also, data search options are also defined in the user guide.
** Unlimited Access – The software has unlimited access to the internet. So, no matter how much data you get, you can keep it.
** Integration – It’s integrated, so you will be able to save data from any website with a single button.
** Free Version – The software can be used free for 30 days.
** Disabled for certain servers – Certain servers are disabled to run in the software. When you get data from it, that page will be disabled.
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PageRaptor is a free program to capture webpages and save them to an Excel file or PDF file. It can read multiple columns of data from web pages, including: IP addresses, hostnames, URLs, Hyperlinks, Webpages, The data is collected from any yellow pages, white pages, and most or all Google web pages.
Additional Features:

It’s free and open-source:

All of the source code is available on Github,

you can make changes to it if you wish,

and the site is fast and easy to setup.

it’s available on all platforms,

it’s quick and easy to use,

it’s simple and has no unnecessary configurations.

It’s universal; it can read data from all types of pages,

including Google webpages, and can therefore be used in a wide range of applications,

from basic data entry, to super detailed data analysis.

It can automatically extract data from any yellow, or pink, or white, or blue, or whatever pages,

at the rate of 10,000 lines per hour, or more,

and can save the data to your database, or to any spreadsheet,

in CSV, or XLS, or whatever format you want,

meaning you can save it in any format you like.

Get PageRaptor:

Get PageRaptor by visiting our homepage. If you are on Windows, it will download an EXE file. If you are on Mac, a Zip file. If you are on Linux, you will download a.tar.gz file.

For Windows users, to install the program, double click the file in your downloads folder and follow the prompts.

For Mac users, to install the program, double click the file in your downloads folder and follow the prompts.

For Linux users, it’s as simple as adding our repository to your sources list and then installing the program.


Use PageRaptor as follows:

Launch PageRaptor from your applications menu. You will be prompted to select the source of the data you want to extract. You can select more than one source, and the program will extract data from all of them. Click on the “Ok” button to start the program. When you are finished, select “Close”. All of the data is written to one file. You can then save it

What’s New in the?

PageRaptor is an application which captures only the data you need. You don’t have to search through pages for the data you want.
PageRaptor has an easy to use interface. Most of the information is captured in less than 5 seconds.
You can create dynamic lists of data, so you don’t even have to wait for the page to load before the data is displayed in your spreadsheet.
All data is captured with just one click. You don’t have to click on the data and wait for it to be captured. The application will wait for you.
If you click on a certain data value you can view it. You don’t have to view the whole page.
There are a lot of ways to filter the data. You can search by name or address, search for a certain company, search in a specific category, or you can view the data according to a certain column.
Data in your spreadsheet will automatically update in real time, so you always have the data you want.
You can save your data to your database or your spreadsheet.
You can download the data in CSV format.
The application supports multiple languages.
You can import images and hyperlinks as well as have them displayed in your spreadsheet.
You can mark the pages as either safe or dangerous.
You can specify which columns and rows you want to copy to your spreadsheet.
You can specify which rows and columns to skip when importing data.
The application has a lot of functionalities that make it easier for you to use. In addition to the already mentioned features, you can set the list of pages that you want to capture, specify the way you want to display the data on your spreadsheet, specify how to collect the address, how to skip pages when importing and much more.

Screenshot of PageRaptor:



PageRaptor needs to be installed as an add-on to OpenOffice Calc. It can not be installed as an independent tool.
PageRaptor does not work with internet explorer. Please install Internet Explorer.



PageRaptor is freely distributed under the GPL version 3.0 license.

PageRaptor homepage:

System Requirements For PageRaptor:

OS: Windows 7 or later
Processor: 1.6 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or similar
Memory: 2 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 7 GB available space
Additional Notes:
Requires the.NET Framework 4.5 (this is usually included with Windows 8)