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■ simple, intuitive and fast photo editing with all the necessary tools
■ simple and intuitive photo editing tool for everyone, no photo editing skills needed
■ no advanced knowledge of photo editing needed
■ photo effects, added effects, some camera correction tools
■ easy to use and very intuitive
■ wizard like processing in simple steps
■ no more worry about effects distorting the photos, just click to see how it looks, no extra editing needed!
■ photo effects and effects are extremely easy to use
■ no more worry about photo editing distorting the photos, just click, you can see how it will look
■ easy to use and very intuitive
■ convenient photo rotation, re-sizing and slide show/image window combo!
No complex and confusing settings, a global settings/camera correction menu will make photo editing a breeze
TIP: To preview effect while it is being processed, please click “Show Toolbar” button to show the effect’s toolbar
TIP: To resize photo to target size, please click “Resize” button and the “Image Window” to get the photo into a dialog box window for fine tuning
TIP: To rotate photo clockwise or counter clockwise, please click “Rotate” button and “Clockwise” or “Counter Clockwise” to get the photo into a dialog box window for fine tuning
For photo effects, please click “Add Effect” button and “Preview” button to see the effect preview
For custom photo, please click “Add Photo” button and select a photo (or click “Clear Photo” to remove previous photo)
TIP: To apply photo effects to a selected photo or a group of photos, please click “Apply All” button
To remove a photo effect, please click “Photo” button and select the photo/s you want to remove. Click “OK” button to remove the selected photo/s effect.
Save photo, print photo, email photo or share photo
Please note that the camera correction tool is processed for this photo and no actual image processing has been performed.

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NeatPhoto is a powerful but also a very easy to use photo editing application, that can provide users with effective and intuitive way of improving visual quality of their pictures. The development process started at the beginning of 2008, when we worked on the idea of making editing much easier and faster than ever before. We wanted to make image editing simple for users of digital cameras and camera cell phones. The result is simple interface that makes you confident and effective. You just need a few clicks to get the job done.
Key functions of NeatPhoto:
* photo optimizer
* object removal tool
* photo collage
* image retouch
* photo slider
* photo eraser
* color correction
* image effect
* image overlay
* image masking
* photo retouch
* automatic scan & E-mail
* calendar editor
* photo album
* photo date / time
* photo journal
* photo frame
* video editor
* video poster
* video filter
* video overlay
* audio editor
* underwater photo editor
* photo filter
* photo template
* photo effects
* photo watermark
* photo frame
* flip screen
* print photo
* printer
* video date & time
The last two versions of NeatPhoto had a number of important improvements over the old versions:
* picture collage management
* a tool for removing objects from photos
* a tool for creating photo slideshows and photo albums
* much easier image masking and photo retouching with one tap access
* layout of parts of the interface
* a lot of new effects
* new interface design
* a new object removal tool
* a new object removal technique
* a new photo frame
* a new color correction tool
* better integration with camera cell phones
* a lot of new picture effects
* a new video editor
* ability to change the background of the pictures
* a lot of new underwater photo effects
* a new underwater photo editor
* an updated automatic image scanner
* many other small changes, bug fixes, etc
You can download NeatPhoto for both for Mac OS X and Windows. Free NeatPhoto Demo version can be downloaded in order to try out different editing tools and see how powerful this software is. Free NeatPhoto Demo version includes almost the same set of photo editing tools as the full version of the software.
Find out more:

NeatPhoto Crack Serial Number Full Torrent Free Download

NeatPhoto is a simple photo editing application but packs a lot of power. Starting from basic adjustment of shadows and highlights, a lot of different image processing tools are available.
From black and white and color selection to picture rotation and cropping, editing pictures can be done in a short time. Using the simplest selection tool you will be able to crop unwanted parts of pictures. You can even use the painting tool to change the colors of an image.
And of course you can also use the retouch tool to make your photo more beautiful, including additional picture adjustment and a good number of effects.
Basic edition is completely free and can be used to find out if you like photo editing or not. If you really like it, check out the full version of the software, including more than 30 effects and a dozen of additional tools.
NeatPhoto Features:
The software includes a good set of features, but we will mention just the most important:
■ Adjustments
■ Color filter
■ Automatic colour correction
■ Picture crop
■ Picture rotation
■ Full selection tools
■ Anti-aliasing
■ Image correction
■ Mean tones
■ Pastel color
■ Shadow and light
■ Rotation
■ Color to monochrome
■ Picture corrections
■ Picture to picture
■ Picture transition
■ White balance
■ Picture cropping
■ Picture retouch
■ Picture colour tuning
■ Picture auto adjustment
■ Picture equalization
■ Picture chromatic adaptation
■ Picture softening
■ Picture sharpening
■ Doodling
■ Picture touch up
■ Painting
■ Picture reduction
■ Picture replacement
■ Picture fading
■ Picture desaturating
■ Picture brightening
■ Color inversion
■ Picture splitting
■ Picture blurring
■ Picture sharpening
■ Picture tunning
■ Picture simplifying
■ Picture softening
■ Picture equalization
■ Picture reduction
■ Picture replacement
■ Picture fading
■ Picture desaturating
■ Picture sharpening
■ Picture adjust zoom

What’s New in the?

NeatPhoto is an easy to use application that offers a choice of interesting photo editing options to improve your picture.
NeatPhoto can create any kind of effects by using many nifty available options and easily set the parameters with just a few clicks.
The effects can be applied automatically with a single click, or selected parts of the picture can be modified.
Changes can be performed as simple as point and shoot, or on detailed level. You can also adjust the parameters as you take a picture or during the editing process, improving photo quality to get an amazing effect as your picture captures a moment.
For example, you can easily remove red eyes or dark spots on a photograph with the help of the ability of the application to accurately identify individual objects in the picture.
If you have never tried photo editing, now is the time to learn this new ability. Our photo editing software is easy to use and very intuitive, therefore you can easily navigate and adjust settings with a single click.
Try free demo, and you’ll see what can be achieved.
Note: The full version of this product is available in the market. Please download the demo before buying a license, you will be able to see how this application works in your photo.
Besides, if you want to make personal photos high-resolution or create documents you can use high-resolution effects and save them in different formats such as TIFF, JPEG, PDF, JPG, PNG, PSD and more.
Just select your file type and preview options and click save to be sure everything’s right.
Improved photo printing and rasterization capabilities in Wondershare Photostudio.
Created-date: 20 September 2010

EasyPhoto Editor is a convenient image editing program built in Visual Basic for Windows. This easy to use photo editing program will allow you to adjust the color, brightness, contrast and other parameters to produce an image that is optimized for specific applications. You can use this program to enhance and transform photos, including, but not limited to:
Adding special effects to your images
Resizing images
Transforming images
Adjusting color, contrast, brightness and color balance
Shading images
Managing red eye
Cropping images
Reducing image size
EasyPhoto Editor is bundled with a catalog of photo enhancement effects.
This program is useful for amateur photographers that need a very easy to use photo editing program.
When adding special effects, you can choose from many special effect options, such as:
Soft Focus

System Requirements For NeatPhoto:

Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 10
Intel Pentium 3.0GHz or AMD Athlon 64
1GB RAM (1GB is required to run the game in some cases)
Hard Disk:
50 MB of free space
Graphics Card:
NVIDIA GeForce 6 or AMD Radeon 3870
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Video Memory: 128 MB Video RAM
Sound Card: DirectX 9.

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