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+ Other Bonus Car

Spec Missions Only Available In Multiplayer

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Official Description
Experience the world of rally in brand new custom content in the most difficult and realistic racing video game on the market.

Rallycross has traditionally been seen as the ‘neutral’ championship, but today fans around the world can enjoy rallying with all the drama of a World Supercar Championship as new all-new custom content.

Introducing the iconic World Rally Championship (WRC) Rallycross Championship

Drive on more than 20 different surfaces across a variety of different terrains in this new championship which supports 4 x 4 gameplay, including stunning off-road gameplay, with the infrastructure of the WRC.

Play this new championship and you’ll see how rallying has evolved. This all-new championship features the same level of detail in the vehicles, environments and the on-screen presentation that fans love, yet now with some of the most popular rally cars featured and brought to life in a brilliant rallycross format.

World Rally Championship and WRC legend Petter Solberg brings his personalised rallycross car.

Petter has built the top-end of rallycross racing right down to the finest detail. The new car delivers all the power you’d expect of an iconic rallycross car.

The car is a complete match for any of the rallycross tracks in this content.

The car features all the correct style details, including:

+ Full bonnet

+ Extra large fender ‘fantail’

+ All-out rallycross style rear wing

+ Correct rear diffuser

The all-new WRC Rallycross Championship is a huge addition to the collection and is a must have for any rallycross racer.

Off-road Rallycross

Concept World Rallycross is a brand new off-road feature which allows players to race and drive on a variety of off-


NAIRI: Rising Tide Features Key:

  • Each level will be split into blocks
  • Each block is 32×32 pixels in size
  • Each block has a 12×12 drop zone
  • Players can slide their block into the drop zone
  • Up to 3 blocks can be dropped into the same drop zone
  • There are 2 categories of blocks:
    • Red blocks: Spam, Feedback, Upgrade, Trainer
    • Gold blocks: items
  • The red blocks can be dropped at any rate, however
  • Dropped items have a 10% chance of dropping any item.
  • When a red block drops a bomb, drops 2 sheep, drops 1 sheep and 3 lamb, or drops a bomb and feedback, the block will have a 50% drop chance of dropping a bomb, bomb + 10 sheep, bomb + bomb with feedback or bomb + 10 sheep with feedback
  • Dropped items can only drop items or a bomb
  • The more blocks are dropped, the higher chance there is of a bomb drop
  • Bombs will generate sheep, regardless of category, thus there is some potentially unfair drops of bombs
  • The input type has been improved, allowing more optimal input
  • The AI eats as many sheep as possible
  • The AI no longer eats lamb
  • Block Dropper Game Description:

    Block Dropper is a quick, easy to play, hardcore (and therefore frustrating) racing game for Android, inspired by the popular arcade game of the same name that went viral in ’09 and made it possible to drop bricks like dominoes.
    The uniqueness of the game was that at its core, it’s a racing game. So, you might think that’s going to make it no fun for you – well, I’m afraid to say that if you stop thinking about it as a racing game, you’ll be half a step closer to getting addicted to it.
    Firstly, the goal of the game is to race against a pool of AI-controlled bots (


    NAIRI: Rising Tide Crack + License Code & Keygen Download

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    NAIRI: Rising Tide Crack [2022]

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    **Important info:**
    * Brute force mode added
    * More weapons added to level 1
    * More score added to level 2
    * More coins added to level 3
    * More achievements added
    * Added “New Game Plus” feature
    * Added speed increases
    * More levels added after the first level
    * Get bonus score after wins
    * Weapons are now randomized when picked


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    Free NAIRI: Rising Tide Crack (Final 2022)

    This game was mostly developed through side projects of DDU2 staff, with a lot of help from Kichitto.
    However we had a rough start with it, so we’d like to give thanks to a few people, who have been with us from the start and supported us in this game.
    Your feedback is highly appreciated!
    You’ll find a walkthrough video inside the game, in case you’re wondering what you need to do next.
    *The 2nd Boss Rush minigame,
    was actually made by a skilled total newcomer, and we’d like to give him our appreciation!
    *Genesis Rush was made by DDU2 staff, along with DDU2 artists Kichitto, and his art style is based on the DDU2 sprites with some personal additions.
    The character design is based on the Genesis Rush UI design.
    Thanks to the leader of the development team, DDU2’s Joselyn Jang, and DDU2’s manager,
    Hwang Choi Moon, who gave us much free time to develop this game!
    and finally, thanks to the main staff’s manager, who was always there to help!
    You can also find a STORE page for this game!
    *The whole website is made through DDU2’s own new UI which DDU2 designed!
    Thank you for checking it out!
    And a special thanks to DDU2’s manager for all the help, and of course Joselyn Jang, who is awesome! 🙂
    And finally, take part in DDU2’s New Game Audit which you can find HERE
    Music Credits:
    Kichitto’s / DDU2’s Original Music
    Title: Fever Leaves
    Title: OP’s Events
    Title: DDU2’s Splash ’08
    Title: DDU2’s Splash ’07
    Title: DDU2’s Great Rush! 08
    Title: Thank You Game
    Title: The Day that the Royal Rumble Matched
    Title: Ninja Healing
    Title: The Incomparable Way
    Title: DDU2’s Prince
    Title: DDU2’s Rocket
    Title: DDU2’s Kawasaki
    DDU2’s Mini–Boss Rush:
    Title: First–Sight
    Title: The Sacred and Dampened Temple
    Title: The Brave Sister
    Title: Ladykiller
    Title: Paired God
    Title: Tough Battle!
    Title: Divine Birth
    Title: Overpowered!


    How To Crack:

    • Download 100% Orange Juice – Toy Store Pack.rar
    • Extract files
    • Play Game
    • Have Fun!!


    System Requirements For NAIRI: Rising Tide:

    OS: Windows 10
    Windows 10 Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 1400 or Intel Core i3-7100 or better
    AMD Ryzen 5 1400 or Intel Core i3-7100 or better Memory: 8GB RAM
    8GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 or AMD Radeon RX 460 or better
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 or AMD Radeon RX 460 or better Hard Drive: 30GB available space
    30GB available space Channels: Support Dolby Atmos and Dolby Headphone v2.1 and Dol


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