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My Films is a plugin for MediaPortal to combine the power of your Ant Movie Catalog (AMC) or other external movie catalogs such as DVD Profiler, eXtreme Movie Manager (XMM), Eax Movie Catalog, Movie Collector Pro, My Movies and Personal Video Database, with the media center features of MediaPortal.
My Films is NOT an alternative or replacement for the MediaPortal Videos feature or the Moving Pictures plugin.
My Films combines the strengths of end user databases with MediaPortal’s media center features, giving you the best of both worlds. It also integrates many of the advanced features of end user databases into MediaPortal. When using the XML database of Ant Movie Catalog, it even offers the ability to update data by field, by record (i.e. film) or by using global updates, all from within the My Films user interface.


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My Films Crack Free (Final 2022)

The My Films Plugin in in use since November 2004, and is now completely redesigned for version 1.8. It greatly enhances features available from Ant’s AMC and eXtreme Movie Manager. This plugin also features great integration with MediaPortal’s video player.
My Films Versions and Changes:
• Version 1.8.0 – 2/7/08
• Supported on Windows XP (32bit) and Vista (32bit).
• Improved Movie Wizard.
• Fixed MPEG-4 AVC output format issue.
• Fixed playback of AVC-MSP and MPEG-4 AVC-SVC files.
• Fixed handling of Bitrate, Resolution and Frame Rate.
• Fixed output to DVD and Blu-Ray with BDV-JM-V1.13 and AACR-TS-20.07.
• Fixed bugs that prevented the creation of all My Movies search index files.
• Updated to Ant’s 1.7.5 API.
• Added support for subtitles.
• Improved movie image transfer functions.
• Improved handling of multiple DVD’s or BD’s.
• Updated for MediaPortal 1.9.1 and Jw Player 3.1.
• Updated for MediaPortal 1.8 and Jw Player 3.0.
This new version of My Films includes many new features and enhancements, including:
o New Movie Wizard that guides you through the creation of your My Movies collection.
o Improved handling of BD, DVD and Blu-ray discs.
o Improved handling of both DV, DVC and MP4 files.
o New subtitle wizard that creates a custom subtitle file for each movie in your catalog.
o Improved handling of DVD, Blu-ray, BD and SVCD/DVD-RW discs, as well as any type of ISO/CD/VCD/CBR disc.
o Integrated playback from BD/DVD, BD/Blu-ray, DV, DVC and SVCD/DVD-RW discs.
o Integrated handling of VCD’s, SVCD/DVD-RW discs and high-density DV tapes.
o Integrated recording to DVD-RW and high-density DV tapes.
o Integrated music playback from MP3’s, VCD/DVD-RW, DVD and Blu-ray discs.
o Enhanced handling of subtitles.
o Integrated support for Windows XP SP2 x86, XP SP2 x64, Vista, Vista SP2 x86 and Vista SP2 x

My Films Crack+ For Windows [April-2022]


Search, sort, and filter data from XML and CSV/HTML databases

Edit, add, and delete data from XML/CSV/HTML databases

Generate metadata from XML/CSV/HTML databases

Default folder in My Films Cracked Accounts for XML/CSV/HTML databases

Add and remove folders from My Films

Support for Ant Movie Catalog


My Movies

Personal Video Database (PVDB)

Name the Order

Common/Special Casing

Titles/Trailers (IMDB/Anchor/IMDbTrailers)


There are many external movie catalogs that can be integrated into MediaPortal, as well as My Movies. My Movies is one of the most popular because it has great features and can be used with the XML database, Ant Movie Catalog. Many films that you have added to the AMC XML file can be found in My Movies. However, there are other catalogs you may wish to use. This section will go over the other popular options for movie management and integration with My Films.


AMC XML is a database that combines all the commonly used attributes from DVD Profiler, XMM, eXtreme Movie Manager, Eax Movie Catalog, My Movies, Movie Collector Pro, and other movie information into one file format that can be found on the CD with the AMC XML database for Ant Movie Catalog. It is one of the most user-friendly options and allows you to look at other attributes outside of the software or web page. For example, you can see the running time, release date, and trailer for a film, as well as cover art and plot summary, as it comes from the AMC XML database.

You will see that your common, DVD, and HDTV attributes are already available from the AMC XML database. However, you can also see the IMDb/Anchor/IMDbTrailers, English, and Subtitle, if they are available from the original movie source.


XML is a great file format for a database, however, it doesn’t always contain all the information you want. If you would like to see some information that is not present in the XML file, you may use the CSV/HTML format for the external database. With this

My Films Free License Key Free

– Showcase your favorite movies
– Search your favorite movies
– Watch your favorite movies on YouTube
– Watch your favorite movies on Vimeo
– Download your favorite movies
– Share your favorite movies on social media
– Browse Movies by Title or Genre
– Browse Movies by Rating or Release Date
– Smart Search
– Create and Share your own topics
– Create custom fields
– Create custom views
– Pin movies to your sidebar
– Add or remove movies to your favorites by pressing the + or – buttons
– Download movies using the Download button
– Maintain your own add-ons
– Add favorite barcode scanner
– Quick search by title, studio, category, or year
– Filter movies by the following:
– Genre
– Title
– Rating
– Release year
– Country
– Genres
– Ratings
– Genres
– Countries
– Ratings
– Genres
– Countries
– Release years
– Genres
– Release years
– Countries
– Ratings

For the latest updates and news on the program, you can keep up to date with the program by visiting the main website for My Films at
You can also stay up to date with the latest news on the forums at
If you need to support the program you can find out more on this website

The latest version is 2.0.0 and came out in the summer of 2015.
Updates since then include:
– Bug Fixes
– Ability to search by year and exclude “world premier” & “limited release”
– Ability to export to a CSV file
– Ability to join and remove people from My Films
– Code Cleanup, Optimization and Refactoring
– Ability to rearrange the contents of My Films
– Rename to MediaPortal Plugin
– Add a license notice
– Add a changelog
– Add support for a Universal Add-On Manager
– Add a link to the plugins homepage at
– Add a link to the forums at
– Add a link to the FAQ at

What’s New In My Films?

My Films is an application that can combine the strengths of an end user XML database like Ant Movie Catalog, DVD Profiler or Eax Movie Catalog with the media center features of MediaPortal.
Install My Film’s XML database on your drive (do NOT install it on the PVR drive, as this will erase all of MediaPortal and the video portion of your collection on your PVR drive).
Configure My Film’s XML database by clicking on “My Films” from the Mythbuntu control panel, and clicking on “Configure Database”.
Configure the user interface for My Film’s XML database by clicking on “Configuration” from the Mythbuntu control panel and clicking on “My Films Options”. This will open a window where you can change the text and colors for the user interface components.
Configure the Media Center by clicking on the “Control Centre” button in the upper right of the control panel and selecting the DVD media library from the “Video” menu. Note: you will need to have your Ant Movie Catalog (AMC) or other external movie database of choice installed on your drive.
In the next window, you will be able to manage your DVD collection by playlists, ratings, virtual disks and metadata, including the ability to add metadata, arrange your collection by year and category, and navigate the video content of your collection (as media files) and the associated metadata (as XML record entries).
Select “Record Catalogues” from the “DVD, video” menu to import XML data from any Ant Movie Catalog database currently installed on your system. (Ant Movie Catalog is the only one that I have tested thus far).
My Films Features:
Add movie categories (such as “Action”, “Adventure”, “Drama”, “Comedy”) from an Ant Movie Catalog database.
Add Movies from any Ant Movie Catalog database to My Film’s media library.
Import XML data for any Ant Movie Catalog database from My Film.
Add Movies from Ant Movie Catalog database records to My Film.
Add My Film movies to any playlist in the “Playlist Directory” database.
Edit fields in record entries of any Ant Movie Catalog database.
Match My Film record entries to a record in the “Record Catalog” database.
Categorize My Film movies by year and tag.
Sort and delete categories, as well as movies, in your collection.
Alphabetize your movies by title.
Locate and add missing film titles in your My Film database.

System Requirements For My Films:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel i3 2.2 GHz or equivalent
Memory: 6GB
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 or equivalent
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes: 8th Anniversary Edition is not supported on Windows Vista and Windows XP. Requires the latest version of NVIDIA PhysX.
1. Download the game and install it.
2. Launch the launcher and click “Play game”.

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