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“Yet another of the high quality PC games that we keep finding on Steam. The games in this series are addictive Platformers and should not be missed!”
The Frogfury Squad, The Frogfury Squad
“Backed by a bunch of top notch indie developers, E.Z. is a game that you can’t miss.”


​Most people know that the E.Z. series are some of the most addictive platformers available on the PC. As such, it’s not a surprise that the latest iteration – E.Z. Infinity – has managed to nab an impressive 100 score on Steam. In fact, Infinite is even higher on the list than its predecessor. Thanks to the new ‘Action’ mode, an improved ‘Rage’ system and some other key tweaks, E.Z. Infinity has also managed to spark a new wave of enthusiasm in the community.

That’s right, it’s back to the NES days for the latest version of the E.Z. series. If you’re looking for something like that old platforming experience, you’re going to love the new E.Z. Infinity!

E.Z. Infinity – Background

E.Z. Infinity is an action platformer where you control an ordinary character known as “EZ” – a person who, by pure luck, has found a set of Infinity powers. All that’s required to activate these powers, of course, is to jump at a speed barrier and pass through it. Jumping further will give you a higher jump, but jumping too fast will result in a fall.

Infinite is a fast game where everything can end at any time. You have the power to get past the obstacles but can’t save EZ before he hits a wall or a spike, so it’s up to you to make sure that he makes it safely. That’s where the ‘Rage’ system comes in – as you defeat enemies and perform special attacks, you’ll accumulate Rage points. When you’re really up to it, you can use these points to unleash devastating, in-air attacks.

All the basic action elements of the E.Z. series are still here, but the main change is that they’re really just the icing on the cake. Not only does it have


Maze Of Adventures Features Key:

  • Unlimited Nitro
  • Pirate Ship
  • Ship Shield
  • Bonuses
  • Unlimited Ammunition of Arrows, Bombs, Bullets
  • All Waters and Unihole bonus
  • Fog
  • Ship Shield
  • Notched Bow
  • Clearmap
  • Ship’s Cannon
  • Increase Firing Speed by one class
  • Antarctica: Lights and Darkness


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An absolute beast of a game filled with combat, action, challenge, and mayhem.
Final Fantasy Explorers is an RPG inspired by the famous role-playing series developed by Square Enix.
Players can battle with a party of three characters including the infamous Chocobo.
Players need to seek hidden weapons and items to upgrade their equipment and summon other creatures in order to complete their quests and progress through the game.
– Role playing game inspired from the Final Fantasy series.
– One of the best character models ever seen.
– Players can play as the Imperial Chocobos in the Coliseum.
– Gameplay revolves around a dungeon system that allows players to explore the world.
– Battles with a party of three characters including a chocobo and battles with a party of three characters including the infamous chocobo.
– A well-balanced combat system lets players to choose the right items to make their creatures stronger.
– Players will complete quests and different challenges that can be done in multiple ways.
– Players can summon powerful monsters and powerful bosses to destroy their enemies in order to win the game.
– Interactive NPCs and a powerful and challenging combat system.
For any inquiries or other questions, please feel free to contact us via Facebook, Discord and Reddit.
Also, if you have any suggestions for improvements or simply suggestions to make this game better than the original game, you are welcome to contact us through Facebook, Discord and Reddit.P. J. Dunne

Patrick John “P.J.” Dunne (1866–1918) was a Minister of the Free Church of Scotland and Rector of the Free Church of Edinburgh at the College Kirk. He was the author of several books, including The Race of the Fijian Creole (1900).

P. J. Dunne was the third of five sons born to William Dunne and Christina Mitchell. He was born in the College Kirk on the 11 June 1866. He entered the University of Edinburgh in 1883, and was awarded the B.Sc. in 1887.

He spent three years in both Canada and Edinburgh. At the beginning of 1888 he was ordained by the Free Church of Scotland as a minister. Dunne began as a minister of the Free Church of Edinburgh, in North Bridge, Haddington Road, Edinburgh on the 3 August 1888. Two days after his arrival in Edinburgh he became involved in the Kirk Session on the Mansfield Hill. At this time the Procurator


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As one of the worlds most prominent comic book artists, Stan Sakai knows a thing or two about storytelling through comics. Back in 2003, he began to work on a new graphic novel about a half-human/half-animal hero who dons the mask of his mentor to save the world from a deadly threat. Sakai has developed this new series of comics to an extremely mature, and exciting level, that it took us by surprise when we heard about a major character death in the first issue. Now the second volume of this fantastic series is being released.

JUGIPAINT is the first graphic novel software featuring Stan Sakai’s vector drawing experience. It comes packed with more than 50 essential painting features, 12 unique tools, advanced ink layers, rulers and guides, and a powerful brush system which lets you create a diverse range of brush designs and styles. All the components are well integrated, allowing you to concentrate on the image.

JUGIPAINT is the perfect app for comic artists who want to create your own masterpiece or just to make a series of comics. You can create your own comic strips, photo-comic-style comics, or even full-fledged manga. All the pages are drawn in vector format using an advanced drawing tool. This means that the image is not affected by the underlying layer, so you can adjust the entire drawing without having to re-do everything. You can even add text or a background image and apply special effects to the page.

We know that each creative artist has his own preferences, so in JUGIPAINT you can tweak every single parameter to get the perfect result. The brush and ink system let you experiment and create new designs of brushes and ink, whereas the drawing system and layer system gives you a wide range of tools for working on the illustration. JUGIPAINT contains more than 50 drawing and painting features and 12 unique and fully customizable tools.

Major features of the JUGIPAINT:

– vector drawings- a digital version of the classic manga drawing- its own special brush system which lets you create a


What’s new:

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