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KEYMACRO is a simple, lightweight freeware program for Windows that enables you to create macros of keys in your computer keyboard and then assign them to actions on a mouse. In other words, you can create your own key combinations or special keyboard shortcuts that you can then assign to specific actions in Windows.
This freeware enables you to configure any key you choose, such as any letter on the keyboard, to perform an action or perform multiple actions. This can be done in any order, including an action after another or multiple simultaneous actions. You can assign these key combinations to any hotkey that you want, such as for example Ctrl-Alt-Del.
KEYMACRO main window
In order to use this freeware, you will first need to create macros in it. For that, the program displays the main window that can either be opened as a standalone window or be dragged into your system tray.
You can configure different key combinations to perform multiple actions on one mouse click, for instance, by pressing, say, the Alt key and then the Spacebar, you can create a shortcut that will perform the action that the computer would perform upon double-clicking in the desktop.
To do so, you just need to press the corresponding key combination and then click on the menu button on the top right of the application. Once this menu is opened, you can assign a key combination to an action by clicking on “Create New Key” in the menu bar.
This freeware allows you to configure any key combination that you want and then assign it to an action on a mouse. It also features an option for including key combinations with the Ctrl and Alt keys.
KEYMACRO main window
Furthermore, this utility can be configured to perform multiple actions on one mouse click by setting the alt key for each action individually. You can also assign a key combination to a command that will open a specific application, for example, if you are working on Word then you can assign the combination Ctrl+Alt+W to open Word.
When you want to find out the key combination associated to a specific action, you can either double-click on the associated entry in the list or click on the “Show Details” icon and then double-click on the entry in the list.
There is also a function that enables you to paste text or multiple text snippets into different fields of the main window. To do so, you need to select the text that you want to paste and then highlight the fields that you 70238732e0

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Use the KeyMacro add-in to set goals and track progress.
Automatically run macros as you change data
Get regular updates when you set a goal
Set automatic daily updates
Track progress in real-time
See all your daily or weekly goals
See your progress against your weekly or monthly goals
You can also export your progress as Excel files.
1.What is this add-in for?
KeyMacro is an Excel add-in that helps you set and track goals. It provides a dashboard that displays the goals that you have set. You can also see your progress against those goals.
2.What can I do with this add-in?
You can enter a new goal into the goals list, set an automatic update on a goal, see the progress on your goals, and export the goal details as an Excel file.
3.What are the goals supported?
-Start a new goal
-Set an automatic daily update
-See the progress on your goals
-See how your goals compare with others
-See the progress on your goals
4.Is this add-in available for other computers?
Yes, this add-in is available for free for the Microsoft Office program.
5.How can I install the KeyMacro?
1.Download the file: KeyMacro-x64-Setup.exe from the official website of the KeyMacro add-in.
2.Run the file to install the add-in. If you run the file in Win XP or Vista, you may receive a warning about security. Do not let the add-in run automatically. You can use the “Run” option on your keyboard.
6.Click the “OK” button to confirm the installation.
7.Click “OK” again to finish the installation.
8.The new window of the Excel add-in should display a message saying that “the add-in is successfully installed.”
9.When installed correctly, you should see a message saying: “KeyMacro – Microsoft Office Add-in”.
10.After installation, you can click the start button on the keyboard to start the add-in.
11.The add-in is displayed as an icon under the system tray.
6.What is the latest version of the add-in?
The add-in is available for download for any supported version of Office or Excel.

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