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LAoE is a rich featured graphical audiosample-editor, based on multi-layers, floating-point samples, volume-masks, variable selection-intensity, and many plugins suitable to manipulate sound.
These plugins include filtering, retouching, resampling, graphical spectrogram editing by brushes and rectangles, sample-curve editing by freehand-pen and spline and other interpolation curves, effects like reverb, echo, compress, expand, pitch-shift, time-stretch, and much more.
You can get LAoE and try it for yourself to see just how useful it can actually be for editing your music files!







LAoE Download

LAoE (Luci Audio Editor) is a freeware, open-source audio multi-layered raster-sampler for audio-files.
You will be able to edit the layers’ volume, mute, mute-by-volume, reverb, echo, compress, expand, pitch-shift, time-stretch, phase, gap, resonance, pan, level, and a ton of plugins: blur, grayscale, sliders, switches, sampler (including multi-layer) and many other useful tools for your music production.
LAoE’s graphical design and feature-set is similar to Luci, a GUI (Graphical User Interface) audio editor from FUJIFILM, so you will feel comfortable using it.
LAoE is built from scratch from the ground up, and it’s based on a new concept: Floating-point samples.
In LAoE, samples are represented as floating-point numbers, instead of as integers.
This is a good feature because floating-point samples will always be exact, without any rounding errors.
So, in addition to using the FLOAT(16) and FLOAT(24) data-types with LAoE, you will also be able to use FLOAT64, FLOAT128, FLOAT_REAL128, and FLOAT_SIGNED128 types, to use samples in all possible audio-data-types (FLOAT16, FLOAT24, FLOAT32, FLOAT64, FLOAT_REAL32, FLOAT_SIGNED32, FLOAT_REAL64, FLOAT_SIGNED64, FLOAT_REAL128, FLOAT_SIGNED128).
LAoE is open-source, available under LGPL license: you can make modifications to LAoE and distribute your patches in any way you like, as long as you follow the LGPL license and release your patches under the same license!
The LGPL (Lesser General Public License) is a copyleft license, that means you can do whatever you want with your modifications (whatever you want!).
However, you cannot legally sell these patches or distributions.
If you decide to release your modifications to LAoE in this way, make sure you will not charge money for it, that you will donate your profits to any of the many free-culture foundations, such as F

LAoE With License Key [Mac/Win] 2022 [New]

LAoE Crack Keygen is a powerful music-editor aimed at professional musicians and sound-engineers. Based on the concept of full-featured layers and floating point samples, LAoE Cracked Accounts includes an extensive range of filters, shapers, effects and much more. With LAoE Crack, you can edit your samples in depth, and adjust their filters, volumes, time-stretches, pitch-shifts, and much more.
LAoE Crack is based on multi-sampling: your samples are divided into several layers. You can arrange and manipulate them into groups, but later on they will remain in their proper place, when played back. Each sample can be edited freely and independently from each other.

Easily edit samples at top-quality
Multi-layer samples
Combine samples
Combine and enhance your sounds
Edit samples by time-stretch and pitch-shift
Use plugins and processing effects
Use low, medium and high quality settings
Filter samples by different parameters
Manage intensity and volume of each layer
Resample and record samples
Create sine waves
Customise and create your own plugins
Export your project as WAV and AIFF files
Experiment with any adjustments
Use Layers and Samples

LAoE Automation:
LAoE is extremely powerful. Most of its features are based on automation, making it more or less a control surface for sound editing.

– Place cursors anywhere on the graph or of the graph to highlight samples or other areas
– Click a sample to focus the editing
– Use simple arithmetic to control many parameters.
– Use the variable selection mode to select a part of the graph easily.
– Use the freehand-pen to easily draw and edit curve in sample or layer.
– Use the spline-editor to interpolate between points, and use different options (step, cusp)
– Use the sampled editor to edit or create sample waveforms
– Use the block editor to insert filters, effects and processing
– Add/remove/repeat layers
– Export as wav and AIFF

LAoE is a powerful music-editor based on floating point samples.
You can place a sample at any position, arrange and manipulate many layer of samples and group them.
Each sample is a full-featured layer and once played back, remains in its own place.
You can rearrange the samples, edit their filters, volumes, time-st

LAoE With Full Keygen For Windows

Designed to allow and encourage users to learn and use the Audacity-editor, to create, record, mix, edit, re-edit and otherwise control their sounds, which normally on non-LAoE-editing software is very difficult to do.
If there are any easier and better-built audio-editors out there, I’d like to hear about them!
At the moment, only two major obstacles keep me from enjoying using Audacity with much more frequency, however, these are:

The many beginner- and entry-level features that are so well-covered in the Audacity manual (and are VERY useful) that any user would *ALREADY* find them so if these were not stripped-out, leaving only the unique, interesting and useful features that Audacity does have.
Easily-moveable, semi-transparent, floating-point sample-slots, that allows you to move in eight directions, and can be sized and positioned in any way you wish.

(and now to my long-requested-reply to 1/2 my question)
LAoE’s sample-selection is similar in many ways to Quicktime-selection, such as its “magic wand” time-point clicking and selection:

One difference: QT is only able to select 1 sample (or its center), while LAoE can select any sample

The sample volume is what QT’s’magic wand’ shows

A preview of the selection can be seen

An alternative way to select samples, the way you use the mouse to drag, double-click the mouse button to insert the selected sample and release the button to make the sample appear, can be used to easily add large amounts of samples in a quick manner.

Add your comment

yes but LAOE doesn’t have the multi-track features of Quicktime, nor does it allow for getting an audio copy of a single track.

plus, quicktime’s selection is a little odd. I can’t seem to figure out how to get it to add the selection to the timeline. It only allows me to add the selection to another file and then move that selection along the timeline.

maybe there’s a way to do it, but I haven’t found it. the LADW documentation doesn’t really give any details on how it should be done.

LAoE can import wave files, but it won’t allow you to

What’s New in the?


LAsoE (L for layer, A for array, OE for object-editor) is a graphics and sound program with a scalable user interface for visual and audible editing of your sound files.
LAsoE is a rich and advanced graphics program that features multi-layer support, floating-point sound samples, volume-masking, a flexible sample-curve editor, effects like reverb, echo, pitch-shift, time-stretch, filter, compress, expand, multiple-undo, snapshot, and more.
LAsoE is an easy to use sample-editor that allows intuitive and elegant editing of any waveform, including PCM and AU-files. It features a design that allows you to use it very intuitively and the user interface is perfectly adapted to editing.


LAsoE is freeware and works with all the major operating systems (including MacOSX and Windows).
The current version of this software was released on September, 2004 and it is fully compatible with all the later sound card drivers from Creative, SoundBlaster, Broadcom, AMD, Intel, and realTek.
If you’re still on an earlier release from Creative, SoundBlaster, Broadcom, AMD, Intel, or realTek you should check first that your sound card driver is still compatible.
LAsoE should be compatible with any soundcard using the ANSI/ISO-9660 CD-ROM filesystem.
For any known incompatibility information, please contact the author.


This software is part of the family of free online open source software.
You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License,
version 2 or any later version.

Latest released version(s) of this software are available on


Please direct all questions, suggestions, or support issues to the project developer:

The author of LAoE is David Nommensen (

This site is a permanent source of information about LAsoE.

Image Loader:

The image loader is part of LAsoE and it

System Requirements For LAoE:

OS: Windows 7 SP1 or later, 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i5 2.4GHz/AMD Phenom X4 940GHz
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760/AMD Radeon R9 270X 2GB
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 20GB available space
Additional Notes:
Furmark will be automatically updated after a new patch is applied.
You must uninstall Furmark prior to installing the update.
Furmark only works

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