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Introvert: A Teenager Simulator Features Key:

  • Japanese dialogue
  • Build a loveable and entertaining character with six unique characters
  • Collect time objects and experience points at every levels to unlock mini stories and extra boss battles
  • Challenge able randomly generated levels and bosses through seven difficultly settings
  • A bonus Co-op mode featuring the original ninja and ninja girl which can not be found in the main game
  • Easy to play and fun to play
  • Original Japanese artwork and soundtrack

About the game settings and co-op mode

  • The game is divided into seven difficulties
  • The main story is contained in the main game; Unlock new stories by collecting fragments and achieve new levels in the island.
  • The Co-op mode has new stories with a different storyline, each ninja has its own character and to complete unlock new boss.
  • Bonus Co-op stage: Unlock new stories, obstacles and mini-bosses.
  • Each level has a unique randomly generated balance: different block types and different enemy placements.
  • Each boss has a unique pattern to beat: have you noticed the secret?
  • Playable in both Japanese and English.


Introvert: A Teenager Simulator Activator

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Introvert: A Teenager Simulator Product Key Full [Latest] 2022

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What’s new in Introvert: A Teenager Simulator:

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    How To Install and Crack Introvert: A Teenager Simulator:

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  • Once installed, close all running programs, open notepad and type in the following codes:
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