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Time to survive!
In the fast-paced game DARK MAZE, you must race through different colourful levels, complete the maze and survive to reach the next level in a super slick, thrilling and addictive game!
A very difficult game with the danger of running out of energy before reaching the finish line.
You must collect the energy from the light balls to complete a level. You are racing against the clock and can only collect energy when the vehicle is the same color as the ball. If you touch an energy ball, you lose that energy. Your vehicle’s energy level starts to deplete each time you lose a life. When the energy runs out, you lose and have to start again from level 1!
Each level is gradually getting more challenging, so take care of your health and vehicle’s energy to beat your previous performance!
A fun game that you can play alone or with a group of friends, time to race for you!
Try to beat your highscores and other players from around the world!
– 6 different amazing game modes:
– 8 exclusive, themed game modes:
– 40 unique and challenging levels!
– Many exciting obstacles!
– Many different vehicles to choose from!
– Show off your amazing skills!
– Collect achievements!
– Savoury achievements!
– Stunning visuals!
– Fast paced action!
– Win and collect trophies!
– Unlock colourful vehicles!
– Earn stars and levels.
– Earn prizes and stars on Facebook, Google Play and the AppStore!
– Gamecenter support!
– Full Retina support!
– Local multiplayer!
– New challenges every 24 hours!
– Free to play!
– Full of fun!
Need help?
We would love to hear from you! We’d love to see your reviews of the game, leave comments on your experiences playing, give feedback on our feedback form!
If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Do not hesitate to contact us and give your opinion and suggestions to make the game better!
Contact: [email protected]

Entertainer is a Game in which you have to decorate the theme of wedding and create a great party environment. In this game the scene is all about wedding and the guest are all of them come to the party for the wedding guest. In this game you have to join with a


Features Key:

  • Design <ul>

  • Buildings: AutoCAD DWG

    • Textfields
    • Lines
    • HDRO


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    Mutant Football League is a football game in which you have ultimate control of the football and a team full of crazy, over-the-top mutants. Your job is to take control of the football and lead your team to victory. The game features:
    * a completely fluid, 100% physics based football experience
    * more than 50 realistic football animations
    * 30 original, unreleased Mutant Football League sound tracks, from hard rock to electronica
    * an innovative control scheme for handling the on-field action
    Play the Championship game any way you want! Give your tackle team mega-hits, roll backplays, toss deep bombs, fake field goals, pump fake your way to a new points record – no two games are ever the same.
    The game includes all the “mythological” football elements you’ve come to expect from Mutant Football League games such as:
    * a referee
    * quick-passing rules
    * onside kicks
    * deflected and scooped passes
    * fake fields
    * and more!!The present invention relates to a solid-state imaging device and a method for producing a solid-state imaging device.
    In a CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) solid-state imaging device, for example, a photodiode (photodetector) serving as a photoelectric conversion device and a plurality of transistors for driving the photodiode are formed on a semiconductor substrate. In these transistors, a source/drain diffusion layer is formed as a diffusion region connected to the photodiode by the channel region of the transistor. The diffusion region is made of a conductive type opposite to that of the channel region. In particular, for example, in the case of an n-channel transistor, a p-type well region having an impurity concentration higher than that of the channel region is formed under the diffusion region.
    The CMOS solid-state imaging device includes a circuit portion where a plurality of transistors for driving the photodiode, an amplifier circuit, and a signal processing circuit is formed. The transistors, which constitute the circuit portion, include for example a select switch transistor, a reset transistor, and a transfer transistor for driving the photodiode. The amplifier circuit includes for example an image signal output circuit for converting an output signal from the photodiode into an image signal, and an image signal readout circuit for reading out the image signal from the image signal output circuit.
    The photodiode is constituted


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    Game Description:
    “REQUISITION VR” is a new dynamic party game
    for all the family!
    A 360-degree game: you can play this game sitting down,
    standing up or even on a moving train or boat!
    – Team up with others and create the ultimate
    sociable experience with friends and family.
    Discover three types of scenarios depending
    on your character traits and skills!
    – Team up and help each other to acquire items that
    can be used by each other!
    – Teamwork and co-operation required!
    – Find a path of success through hidden and not so
    hidden obstacles!
    – Collect the most items and become the winner!
    Never have I seen a game so interesting, so unique and so entertaining
    simply by yourself!
    Check out the two-minute trailer below!
    – Unlock achievements and climb the leaderboard
    with your friends!
    ? What can I play? ?
    – Create your character and choose one
    of three different classes: good, mean,
    or plain evil!
    – Each class has his own special items, skills
    and abilities.
    – Turn up the volume! The audio and graphic
    effects are quite impressive!
    – Endlessly entertaining!
    – There are different objectives
    and ways to complete them.
    – Sticking to the objective is not always
    the best solution!
    ? Difficulty level:
    – Beginner: Easy and cozy
    – Pro: Beginner
    – Veteran: Expert
    – Insane: Insane challenge
    – Team up with friends and
    play together in sync
    – Take your friends along
    with you!
    – Collaboration is key!
    – Don’t miss any of the action!
    – Game available in different languages!
    ? NETWORK:
    – Track your game progress online
    – Find the game on Facebook
    – Compare your scores with friends
    and challenge them to a game
    – Meet your friends in the community
    – Enjoy exclusive discounts and rewards
    and level up
    – Team up with your friends in a game
    – A new challenge for you all the time
    – For the best performance,
    the game requires an Intel
    Core™ i5 Processor or


    What’s new in Indiecalypse:

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