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You need to escape the period with a backslash:
import urllib2
import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET

url = “”

response = urllib2.urlopen(url)

tree = ET.parse(response)

# getting product info and data download request

data_list = []

for item in tree.getroot():
name = item.find(‘Owner’).text
url = item.find(‘StoreCode’).text
url = url[1:10]
data = item.find(‘DownloadCounts’).text
data = data.split(”
print(“%s: %s, %s” % (name, url, data))

# You could write this as a generator
def GetDataByName(name):
url = f’

# — This is a 16.8 TiB log.
# (using: apt –show-downloaded=.
# .
# .
# apt-cacher-ng -c -d –print-uris list | cut -d ” ” -f 2) | wc -l
# 159414708


I think apt-get is trying to fetch xslt-config which is in that directory but is apparently missing because it cannot see it. See Why does apt want to fetch things that are not installable? for a similar problem.
The problem is that you have a couple of sources (see apt_preferences) that give priority to versions from the official repositories. If you add them to your sources.list file then you will not have these problems.
I have no way of knowing whether you are building your own package with a custom build environment or whether your sources.list files is incorrect for your environment and/or build.
Edit: After investigating further it seems that apt is seeing that Nginx is installed (probably by a package called nginx) and is trying to fetch a newer version than it already has using zypper.

Rhyme or Reason: A Pretty Good Reasons and Why Puzzle – gw666

It looks to be a clone of ‘Word Munchers’ for the DS.

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