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Name Hidden Shapes Black Skull – Jigsaw Puzzle Game Soundtrack
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Hidden Shapes Black Skull – Jigsaw Puzzle Game Soundtrack Features Key:

  • Authentic Mission RPG atmosphere
  • Turn-based RPG system with 3 different missions at the beginning of each game
  • 3 heroes to join you on your adventure
  • Interplay between classes during missions
    • Class specific action
    • Up to 50 characters per class
    • 3 weapons each user can use
    • 50 abilities per class
    • 3 dynamic equipment setups depending on class
    • No crew to manage, all equipment
    • NO WIPE! Explore entire mission files as much as you want
    • Complete the main story line and go the maximum number of missions
    • Ability to use the Journal, the API key has full access to all data on the website
    • Multiple save slots

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