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Genea is a database-driven client-server-application which supports the
creation of family-trees, each of them containing person-related data
of whole regions. The database comprises all available data in the
world, such as history, geography, biographical data, and often
religious and political information.

Genea is computer-driven or human-driven,
depending on the needs and skills of the user.

Genea supports almost all types of data storage and
retrieval mechanisms (relational or document based) at an
object-level, but also allows users to store their data as files.

The Applications are installed on a server (in my case Ubuntu with the software name of phpMyAdmin installed) and can be accessed through a
web browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari by using an
internet connection.

The computer-driven approach is more user-friendly, because it is
highly flexible and does not require much programming knowledge. The
application requires few steps to be installed and the number of
persons with whom it can be compared/shared is relatively small.
However, the user has to work with data on the server or load the
application and his own data into the database for the corresponding
The human-driven approach uses data of people stored in the
computer’s hard drive and a database of family-trees created in the
computer’s memory. The user can compare and share his own data with
more people over the Internet by using a browser. However, the
application has to be installed on the users computer.

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Genea Crack + Activation Key Download [Updated] 2022

Genea Crack is an easy-to-use database application for person related data collection. A main challenge was to create a database application with the users’ data from a wide variety of different sources. Genea supports up to twenty different database-types which can be linked in a hierarchical tree-structure to generate a family tree. Other possibilities are to copy data from one database to another or from the Internet.
To access the database, user-data can be searched in a both-ways-and-upwards-and-downwards way on different locations (e.g. in a tree, a city, a family etc.) as well as a inwards way (e.g. for searching for a telephone number or post-code). Different users can be displayed on different levels in a tree. A Family Tree-view can be used in this case to look up your family’s origin, family names and the like.
What is new in this release:
– Linked Support – Added support for linking (automatically) and un-linking (manually) between different database-types.
– Help Center – Added a link to a Help-Page with very detailed information about all functions.
– File-size – Adjustable file-size for displaying the list of data-elements.
– Floating-Window – Added a floating window for the database view which floats in window-space and can be maximized, made smaller or hidden.
– New List-editor – Added a list-editor-window for selecting with mouse-clicks the data-fields where data is to be displayed.
– New entry-fields – Added new entry-fields for database-integration such as start-date and end-date, birth-place, city, date-of-death and more.
– New Font – Added a new font for the list-editor and for sending email – Helvetica (RASTER), CRN (RASTER), Guardian Sans (RASTER), FreeSans (RASTER), Tassili (RASTER) and SystemPalette (RASTER).
– New Font-size – Changed the default font-size for all windows and all entries.
– New Color-palette – Added colors for search result-lists and fonts-of-note.
– New Visual-Style – Added a new visual-style to the app.
– New Background-image – Added background images of four different sizes

Genea Incl Product Key Download

Genealogy of the Otzi the iceman, which will show your family tree and the most interesting historical data of your relatives.

It analyses all files and corrects errors that arise from unreliable data sources.

Genea provides advanced search-functions that return exactly the data you want, not only the names you know.

Genea is a flexible system where you can run it on your own computer or use our server. The database can be centrally used, but at the same time each user can access and manipulate the data of their individual person.

Who gets other families linked?

Genea merges the GEDCOM (family trees) database of the Federal Institute of Genealogy (ZGEG) with the genealogical data from many other databases. This enables you to find out which ancestors and which families are linked to yours.

The process of linking families together is not a group-decision but a case-by-case process. By means of the tree-editor you can search for ancestors and direct relatives and identify whose ancestors could be linked to yours.

Genea functions as a web-application for accessing and manipulating the data in the user’s own database, without the need for any personal information.

Genea is a free and open-source, web-based genealogy application developed and maintained by the ZGEG.

How Genea works:

The fundamental philosophy behind Genea is that we want to help you to find your own family history.

This history is hidden in thousands of genealogical databases which we link in a family tree.

The user has to supply only the name of a person. With the help of a list of first and last names supplied by other users, Genea correctly assigns people to their names.

If a user is lacking a family-tree, we provide him/her with the possibility to create his/her own one. Genea is about simplicity and self-determination.

How to put the family-tree together?

The easiest way to get started is to use the display of the address book. These are often called “missing person reports”.

In the ZGEG databases we have a number of such entries to Germany. By using the contacts from these entries we are able to link families together.

To display the address-book of another user, you have to put “Friendly Link” in the main settings (Settings/Pref

What’s New In Genea?

Genea is a database-driven family-tree and demographic application for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 with intuitive user interface and user-friendly interface.

Genea Features:

– Create your own genealogy or family-tree
– Print genealogy-graphs and save them as image-files or directly embed them to HTML5
– Find your relations on the World-Wide Web
– Create family-groups
– Add family-member to create family-tree-entries
– Show and Add birth-date, death-date, marriage and marriage-date
– Add event (birth, marriage, death,…)
– Export to GEDCOM-files
– Show statistics on the number of found relatives
– Adjust the speed of the database engine
– Show the number of Migrants per year
– List of regions currently available
– Zoom into maps

Genea is a tool to help you create a detailed family tree and find ancestors and descendants of your family.

The exact order of the release milestones for the Windows 8.1 version have been revealed. The current release is Windows 8.1 RC3 build 14393.494, so this is the 8.1 version to start using.

You can browse the list below on the left to see all the new features that have been added since Windows 8.1 Beta 1 back in February.

Show/Hide Window Features/Behavior

The “Show/Hide Window Features/Behavior” section includes

· Start Menu
· Start Screen
· Taskbar
· Taskbar
· Start screen background
· Desktop background

Snap View

· All apps
· Only apps that support ‘snap view’

System Settings

· Font Settings
· Windows Theme


· New (old) Language Packs
· Windows


· Send feedback for Windows 8.1


Voice Scanner

· All Devices
· select device
· not a device

Snipping Tool

· New Snipping Tool
· All Devices

Handy Tips & Hidden features

· Start Screen
· All apps

Internet Explorer 11

· The speed of the Internet Explorer Web Browser has been enhanced
· The new Edge Web browser will become available in the next version of Windows

Microsoft Edge

· The speed of the Microsoft Edge Web Browser has been enhanced

System Requirements For Genea:

Windows 7 64-bit
OS X 10.8 or later
SteamOS or Linux
4 GB GPU-memory
120 GB hard drive
How to Install:
Please read the installation instructions from the original installer. Do not use the Unbox installer and do not start the game from the Unbox installation folder.
How to Play:
Before playing the game, please follow the instructions from the original installer.
Content of the Game:

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