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Ada And Cal is a 3D puzzle game where you need to push the cubes in a zig-zag direction and merge a number of colors. You need to use the environments for your advantage by creating a flow which will keep you on the goal. Your objective is to push the other cubes to merge in multiple colors, and get the highest score possible. Note: It’s a maze like the puzzle game if you have played the game Witness, but there are no obstacles, all you need to solve the puzzle is to push the cubes to the correct position. The game is set in an architectural world and from an Observer View, you see the cube and the player in a 3d environment, and the goal of the player is to push the cubes so that you can flow in a proper direction, and watch out for the other cubes. It’s very easy to get lost in the 3d spaces, while the challenge of the game lies in the appropriate and smart utilization of the environment. The game is developed by The Esquire Academy, a game development studio based in the UAE. Check this series of puzzles: The Alien 2 Immortal Epic Journey Star Wars 9 Ancient Egypt History The Ugly Planet The End of the world About The Game G-House The G-House was founded in 2013 to focus more on the Entertainment Industry than on the games or applications. It is a creative studio producing spectacularly unique high quality content that is entertaining for the user. Their main goal is to make a place where people can give their voice, creativity and time to create something unique. They believe in the empowerment of the community, and the communication between the artists, the designer, the producer, the joker and the user. For more information about G-House and our daily progress check: The Times of India has announced their list of Top 25 Most Influential Arab Women in the UAE. The list aims to highlight influential Arab women who have made their mark in UAE, and for the good of the country and the UAE.Arab women have recently seen more influential and stronger presence. They are now a force to reckon with not just on the social scene but also in the corporate world, and they are often the ambassadors of the UAE in their home countries. It is their role to educate the younger generation, to


Fire Commander: First Response Features Key:

  • highly promoted Facebook game
  • 99999 Achievements
  • Intense and really addictive
  • Online Competition events with more than 5.000.000 Facebook users a day

Responsive and completely customizable

Slaughter Bots was created to be a Facebook game for a wider audience. The great response it has been achieving so far on Facebook has
encouraged us to develop a professional iPhone app.

Compete against the world

  • Thousands of different achievements
  • Ladders with more than 5.000.000 users a day
  • Online rating mechanism to get the best players on the front page

Play with world class graphics

  • With the introduction of google, unity, BLOGIN, AUTOPLAYER, SKYBOXES and a number of other renowned solutions, players from all over the world have already begun to play Slaughter Bots
  • To date Slaughter Bots has been downloaded more than 300.000 times and is the most demanded iPhone app thanks to the number of achieved achievements

Data of more than 4.000.000 players

  • To date Slaughter Bots has more than 4.000.000 players
  • Players of Slaughter Bots can choose their favorite zombie from more than 200.000 pictures

Addictive gameplay.

  • Play the game offline, it’s FREE
  • Multiple gameplay possibilities such as free time, player controlled, and multiplayer.


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You are a spy working for the EG Deutschland. You start in the outskirts of a big city in a mysterious meeting place. In this meeting place there is a secret office located below the office above. This underground secret office has a new dangerous boss that lives in it. But your job is to delay the enemy and find out what he wants. Easy gameplay and plenty of challenges make the game perfect for everyone! Videos Features 9 different rooms 14 new traps 6 hidden bosses 180 new game-modes Secrets from the archive of one year Trial mode with boss and traps More than 100 secrets hidden in the underground The eleven levels are divided in three important rooms: the new underground, the secret office and the training room, where you get a basic knowledge of the underground. The interesting house where you enter the story and start to play. Is it a house or the headquarter of a big secret criminal organisation? This room is full of traps. And the point is: When you enter this room, you will be challenged by four different trap-scenarios. But be careful, you never know what will you get! The underground The underground has a lot of danger and traps. This is where a big criminal organisation with at least 10 men works. Do you want to take a look at what the inside of the underground looks like? This is the new home of the biggest boss of the ‘Bergbauers’ now. He is the leader of a criminal organisation with more than ten people working for him. He is a completely different kind of person than all other bosses. Are you able to defeat him? Hidden rooms and traps The underground of the ‘Bergbauers’ Castle is filled with many secret rooms and traps. This is the reason why your task is not to find your enemies, but your secrets. What are the different secret rooms and traps? Fancy a hard task? Your task is to find out your enemies. You will find no clues in this room. This is the hard-to-find room, where you will find your enemies. The funny thing is: You will not be facing any danger, but something funny and entertaining. This is the room where you will have to find your enemies. A useful room for getting rid c9d1549cdd


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This is the biggest of the series, which features exciting mini games and is not available on Facebook. Any other official Facebook games are unavailable. The game is fully playable on facebook. Enjoy! Hope Lake is a murder mystery game where you will find the clues and solve the mysterious crime. In Hope Lake we find many hidden objects, puzzles, mini games, 50 unique minigames, and 4 exciting sequences that involve live music, multiple touch screen controls, and a fun level of gameplay. To help you solve the mystery, we added a map with a flashlight, a variety of objects you can use to solve puzzles, a map of all locations, and all of the codes to the puzzles. My Facebook is now available at: Want to know more about the author? Game Hope Lake Hope Lake is a Murder Mystery game about solving a 30 year old mystery and at the same time, testing your mental skills. Want to solve the mystery? Then start solving the puzzles. Solve the puzzles and find the clues. Watch out! You are in trouble. Any clues you miss will not go unnoticed. Don’t waste time on things that are not essential to the case. If you do that, you will end up solving the mystery by guessing. The police is unlikely to have resources to track down all clues. But you can. Maybe you have been on this road for 30 years. You are an experienced detective. You have solved the puzzles in Hope Lake and you are now an experienced detective. Then go solve the mystery of Hope Lake. Fun and thrilling mini games Hope Lake is a thrilling mini game collection. Find all the clues and put a stop to the maniac’s crime spree! Do not worry. You are safe. Go solve the mystery, there is no monsters here. Please take your time when you play. Enjoy! Hope Lake is a Murder Mystery game about solving a 30 year old mystery and at the same time, testing your mental skills. Enjoy! You are now an experienced detective and have solved all the puzzles. You are now on your way home and you are wondering what to do next. You know where the murderer lives but now you have to figure out a way to enter his home. Why? Because the clock is ticking and a crime is committed every 5 minutes. I have to admit, I was the one who wrote the code for this mini game. I created all puzzles in the game and made this


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