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As monitors got larger, so did resolution settings had to adapt in order to improve image quality. This doesn’t necessarily mean every screen is set to the highest resolution, while some programs or games may only run under specific options. In this regard and testing purposes, FastRes is a lightweight tool which allows you to quickly change resolution directly from the tray area.
Change resolution from a tray menu
It takes only a little while before you get a chance to go through all the application has to offer. It doesn’t really come with an interface of its own, sitting in the tray area nearly all the time. You’re notified it’s there right from the start, so you don’t end up scratching your head, wondering why the program doesn’t start.
Just to be on the safe side, the application doesn’t provide a list of all existing resolution options. Instead, it reads graphics hardware configuration to determine the supported screen resolutions, enlisting them in a dedicated menu. Moreover, resolutions come in three different color depths, such as 8, 16, or 32-bit formats.
Can run with Windows for more comfort
The new resolution is applied at the press of a button, and gets checked in the menu so you know the current one, as well as its color depth value. However, you need to remember the original configuration to quickly return to it, because there’s no built-in option to revert changes to the previous configuration.
To have it ready when reaching the desktop, the options menu allows you to make it run with Windows. If not, there’s the possibility to assign a hotkey command to the program’s shortcut to quickly launch it whenever needed. Sadly, there’s no built-in support for hotkeys to configure a few resolution settings if they’re the only ones you need in testing, or other operations involving changing screen resolution.
A few last words
All things considered, we can say that FastRes provides a fast alternative to change the resolution of your screen. Multiple color depth options are available for each supported resolution. It can run with Windows to have it ready at any moment, while the tray icon makes sure individuals of all levels of experience can benefit from what it has to offer.


Download →→→

Download →→→






FastRes With License Key (2022)

Multiple programs can be running at the same time

Multiple monitor support

Live screen resolutions

Change resolution in milliseconds

FastRes is a handy tool to quickly change the resolution of your screen.

You might have noticed a small little icon in the tray area, telling you that FastRes is there when Windows starts. We designed it that way to make sure that everybody can benefit from what it has to offer, regardless if they’re experienced individuals or newbies.

Another option we considered while developing the program was, what if FastRes was associated with a tray icon. You don’t have to remember any hotkey or change anything else, just hit the Alt + F1, or the Start+G shortcut to launch it, and then either select the resolution of your choice, or set the program to run with Windows. In this regard, we believe that FastRes is a ready to go solution, that’s easy to use for everyone.

In other words, you won’t have to go through the whole tutorial, in order to change resolutions, and there’s a low chance you’ll discover that you need to make another adjustment to have the intended effect. You can get into the menu pretty quickly, and select the resolution you want. Check the option under the list, and hit Ok.

By the way, you can check out the full arsenal of FastRes by visiting the FastRes website, or browse the program’s manual. While you’re there, you can find additional resources and tips, and even download demo versions of FastRes.

Video Tutorial

FastRes is a small, efficient, and easy to use tool that can quickly change resolutions, giving you full control over how your screen looks.

FastRes can run in Windows by pressing the Start+G hotkey, or launching it directly from the tray icon. The majority of all changes are immediate, so once you see your screen resolution, you’re ready to proceed to the next one in no time. There’s no need to wait for programs to reload, or anything similar.

In addition, this application can handle multiple monitors, if you’re working in a multidevice environment. One thing for sure, it’s a breeze to use, so you won’t have to waste a single second of your time.

Besides that, FastRes comes with a dedicated settings

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* Change screen resolution directly from the tray area
* Multiple color depths available
* Crop graphics to adjust screen resolution
* Work with Windows to quickly apply changes (hotkey)
* Read graphics hardware configuration to determine supported screen resolutions
* Avoid headaches about setting resolution for multiple monitors
* Supports Windows 10 and Windows 7
* Minimum requirements: 512MB RAM
* Free open source, without support

LEGAL NOTICE: If you are not the copyright owner, you need a license from the original author to use this software for studying or testing, or to publish this document. Read the license agreements of the software you are using.
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FastRes Crack PC/Windows

Change resolution from a tray menu
Display screen resolution/color depth settings
Run with Windows
Tray icon notifies you of resolution changes
Detailed presets
Single settings available
No hotkey support

Simple but effective tool for changing monitor settings on any computer with Windows Operating System. Detects monitor features and windows and tries to set the best monitor option. It’s easy, fast, and works with most monitors!

PowerSwitchMonitor is designed to switch your monitor on / off with a single click. Not all the monitor drivers support power management, but PowerSwitchMonitor may help out in case of switching the monitor off.

How does it work? PowerSwitchMonitor is a Windows component, which monitors the state of certain functionality of your monitors. For instance, it will automatically turn your monitor on once Windows is booted, and turn it off if Windows is closed. It lets you manipulate monitor settings with a few simple clicks. The secret lies in the integration with the Windows OS. It’s a small window that shows whether the state of certain features (such as Power Management) of your monitors is enabled or disabled.


PowerSwitchMonitor monitors many different features: Windows Start, Shutdown, Sleep, Hibernate, Standby, and Wakeup settings. It will automatically switch your monitor on / off once the computer is rebooted, and use your monitor settings to adjust brightness.

PowerSwitchMonitor comes with several pre-made profiles you can use to switch your monitor on / off automatically:

SwitchMonitorPlus is a small extension for Win7 or Win8 to quickly display a little notification when you need to switch off your monitor. A status window shows what is to be done and when. The notification can be dismissed with a single click.

My todo list is an application that brings up a standalone window which acts like an application tray of sorts to allow you to keep your todo lists at the edge of your vision as you work, but doesn’t take up any of the side of the screen. I added a unique plugin system to allow for todo lists to be auto-saved and to sync with various online services.

PowerOffMonitor is a Windows program which monitors the state of the power button and upon being clicked, logs whether or not your computer was turned off. A small program window comes up which shows the status of your power button and supports a few simple actions: Switch your computer on, Switch your computer off, Switch your computer off once

What’s New in the FastRes?

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