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How does the PBR-Blend material (beta) work in Blender 2.72?

The new material mentioned in the question “How does the PBR-Blend material (beta) work in Blender 2.72?” is very interesting, but it’s still beta.
Does anyone know how it is supposed to work?

I guess I understand what it does, but I want to know more detailed information about how it works.


It seems to use DXT compression internally.
The Details
According to the Blender 2.7x Material Documentation, the PBR-Blend Material is a new internal material type (not just a new material) and not just a remapping of other material types:

The PBR-Blend material is a new internal material type.
It has an internal variable called “PBR_Blend” that is a
blend of diffuse and specular terms.

Not much else seems to be documented about it, as of today. Theoretically it might use some post-processing for out-of-range settings.
Due to it being internal it does not use the standard material system but is uses something different and less well documented.
One thing to note is that the PBR-Blend material is Blender’s version of Unreal’s PBR-GLSL material found here:

To mimic the shader hardware we could use
PBR, GLSL, or both

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Homework questions on Differential Geometry

I am currently doing some computer experiments on Differential Geometry and I have some questions :
$$ \iint_R\Big[\frac {x^3-6x+4}{x^2-x+1} -\frac {x-2}{(x-1)^2}\Big]dxdy$$
I have no idea how to approach the problem, is there any formula to solve it?
2) The above integral has two solutions x = 1 or x = 0 for equation $y^2 = x(x-1)$
why is this?


ewcommand{\Cpx}{\mathbf{C}}$The given integral is $$\begin{align*} \iint_R\left(\frac{x^3-6x+4}{x^2-x+1} – \frac{x-2}{(x-1)^2}\right)\,dx\,dy&=\iint_R \frac{x^3-6x+4}{x^2-x+1}\,dx\,dy – \iint_R\frac{x-2}{(x-1)^2}\,dx\,dy\tag{1}\\ &=\int_0^1 \frac{1}{x}dx-\int_1^2 \frac{2}{x-1}\,dx\tag{2}\\ &=\frac{\ln 2}{2}.\tag{

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DVR-Studio is a video editor. Process your UHD, HD, HDTV and SD-PAL DVB recordings (Transport Stream) from various receivers.
It may take a few minutes to load, and the menu can be very slow. Menu: Recordings: Options: — Dvr Studio will record 1 frame per minute. It’s default length, and it works nice. Start and stop recording, pause and restart.. If the playback of the recording is not started, tap the screen; then, wait a few seconds,.
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[G]Download [/G] 2. Unzip and run. 3. Let it run and then enjoy the video. To add more action to the video you can add blue screen effects and crop the output. [G]Download [/G] 4. Bumper.1. Field of the Invention
This invention relates to a recording head to be used in an ink jet recording device which ejects ink droplets from a nozzle or a liquid discharge head.
2. Related Background Art
In the field of ink jet recording, in recent years a drop-on-demand ink jet system in which ink droplets

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