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DAC Encoding is a standard oSCI interface that can be used to control both factory and DIY synthesizers. The oSCI interface is also one of the most used interfaces in the industry, used in many hardware synth emulators.
Background Noise produces a unique and organic sound effect that can be used in many applications, from music to movies. The particle animation emulation is used in many productions and is very well known in the industry.
Post Processing provides four different possibilities for reverb, compression, echo and a bit of gating that is similar to reverbs from third party synths.
You can upload custom curves, save presets to use later, and open the plugin in standalone mode to run on multiple computers.
The standalone mode allows you to process a stereo audio track through the plugin at once. The standalone mode is very useful when working with several takes to combine different effects on one track.
Combining the standalone mode with the plugin’s send/return channels is also a very common way to control the plugin using an external interface.
For a detailed description of the plugin and presets, read the in-depth manual or watch the video tutorials.
All presets included are created by using the integrated VRS.
Most presets use the same parameters except they have a slightly different sound.
For example, the compressing preset has an altered attack curve and a different knobs ratio that results in a different sound.
The effect presets in the demo section are processed with the background noise effect in standalone mode.
Get the plugin here:
Manufacturer: Samplersynth
Customers: Samplersynth Users
License: Open Source
DAC Encoding:
Background Noise:
Post Processing:

For more on my releases go to
for the video tutorial of the single effect
If you like free VST, please donate to support my work.

Chipcrusher X64 [Updated-2022]

• Three Effects – De-Noise, Delay and Echo.
• This plugin can be used for Digital Audio Workstation, Hardware Mixing, Computer Music, Film and Game Audio
• Allows you to remove noise and distortion from a sample and add echo to generate unique soundscapes
• Uses the highest quality hardware digital circuits for processing
• Comes with six different settings and four waveforms
• Extremely easy to use
• Check out the demo videos below for more information
– The Noisy Effects:
– Effects List:
– DeNoise
– Delay
– Echo
– Group DSPs
– Line Response
Audio Effect Plugins

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Watch the video demo above and then follow the step by step instructions below for a walkthrough of each section of the plugin.

Installation Procedure:
1. Download the zip file containing the plugin and extract its contents to your working directory

2. Connect your computer to any audio interface such as computer’s internal sound card or external USB interface

3. Open the plugin in your favorite host and click the Browse button to load the plugin

4. Check the box containing Background Noise. The plugin will ask you to select the Path to Background Noise.

5. Save and close the plugin

6. Open your audio software (e.g. Ableton Live) and add a VST, AU or RTAS plugin to your machine

7. Load the plugin from the menu

8. The plugin is now ready to be used, in the following section, select the plugin from the menu and apply it to any audio track

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What’s New in the Chipcrusher?

* Use one instrument to get a lot of variety in the output sound.
* High Quality output sound produced using Multi-Tap (AAX version available)
* Use one instrument and get a lot of variety in the output sound
* Use two instruments and get a realistic distortion sound
* Use a random pattern generator to get a new sound every time.
* Use a different combination of instruments to get a unique sound.
* Use multiple effects at the same time
* Keep post-processing for distortion as one of the major features of chipcrusher.
* Simplicity
* Affordance
* User Friendly Interface
* Stable and Fast
* No time based effects
* Many combinations of
* Random Patterns
* Auto-Genre Mixing
* Touching Up Vocals
* Option To Change Size of Effects
* Random Sample Mapping
* New Noise Types Added
* New Unique Distortion Types
* Customizing of Random Ranges
* Variable Delay Depth
* Custom Noise Width
* Envelope Control For Noise Width
* Envelope Control for Delay
* Envelope Control for Volume
* Redistribution For Two Distortion sounds
* Post-Dry/Wet
* New Sample Generation
* Unlimited Noise and Delay Widths
* Unlimited number of instruments
* Proper Pitch Shift
* Generalization of Chained Effects
* Tempo/BPM Rotation of Effects
* Sorting of effects
* Pattern arrangement
* Ability To Place Effects Anywhere
* Keep the effect like a Constant effect
* Ability to Link Multiple Effects
* 2 types of random combinations
* Ability to Randomize Samples
* Adjustable Level on Samples
* Change of Pitch
* Sound Feedback
* Customize Sounds
* User Defined Samples
* Distorted/Flat at any output level
* Support for iOS version
* Generalization For 99 presets
* Customize Deck Type
* Add Your Own Synth.
* Sample and Pitch Shift
* Stereo Inversions
* Opacity Control
* Distortion control
* Impact Control
* Width Control
* Intensity Control
* Level control
* Volume control
* Delay control
* Delay control
* Delay control
* Stereo control
* Waveshape control
* DampControl
* Control Mode
* Stereo Split
* Invert Control
* RandomControl
* Equalize Control
* Pitch

System Requirements For Chipcrusher:

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.6 or later
iPad running iOS 5 or later
iPhone, iPod touch running iOS 5 or later
iPad mini running iOS 5 or later
iPad 2 running iOS 5 or later
iPad mini with Retina display running iOS 5 or later
Mac OS X 10.7 or later
Mac OS X 10.6 or later with an Intel processor
Mac OS X 10.5 or later with an AMD processor

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