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Currently there are versions of AutoCAD designed for PCs, mobile devices (like smartphones and tablets), Macs, UNIX, and Windows, with specialized features and extensions added for each platform.

As a widely used tool in the architecture and engineering communities, AutoCAD is indispensable in the design and fabrication of many products.

Its ability to create highly detailed plans for building design and construction has enabled the development of a wide range of architectural and engineering applications, including:

General construction drawings

Residential and commercial construction

HVAC and mechanical design

Industrial design and fabrication

Engineering design and fabrication

Education design and construction

Architecture and building

See the Appendix for a list of AutoCAD applications.

A cross-section illustration of the key features of AutoCAD Architecture.

To learn about Autodesk’s history and development, read our brief introductory article, What Is AutoCAD Architecture, and see our introductory to Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture.

Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture is an online library of over 3,700 CAD tutorials for AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. It includes step-by-step training videos on using AutoCAD and its 3D modeling, 2D drawing, drawing, and annotation features. These tutorials provide step-by-step instructions on all of the most-used aspects of AutoCAD, including plotting, engineering design, and drafting.

We also provide an online forum where you can find help from other architects and engineers.

AutoCAD Architecture tutorials are free to view, but you must register to be able to post comments. It’s easy to register.

If you want to sign up, click here and follow the instructions.

Step-by-step tutorials cover all of AutoCAD’s drawing commands and features

AutoCAD Architecture provides tutorials covering all of the major drawing commands and features. Each tutorial is in the form of a step-by-step video tutorial that guides you through the whole drawing process.

A great way to learn about AutoCAD Architecture is to watch one or more of the tutorials. If you have questions about how to do something in a tutorial, watch it again to clarify your understanding. It’s also helpful to watch the tutorials with your favorite AutoCAD application active, such as your own drawings. This will help you keep track

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Sample of XML manipulation

Some of the libraries that support XML manipulation include;
AutoLISP for AutoCAD
XMLAnywhere (a Visual LISP library)

See also
Comparison of CAD editors
Comparison of CAD editors – source code


Category:Dynamically typed programming languages
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AutoCAD 19.1

Open the Autodesk Autocad application and click File > New >
Autocad Project.

Select the name of the project, accept the default location, and
click OK.

The main dialog box opens, and the Project Name is displayed.

Click the new file in the project folder, and select the drawing file
you wish to open.

You will see the Project name and a list of drawings that will be

Click the New Drawing button.

Double-click the drawing on the list.

A new document opens with the same name as the original drawing.

There will be a prompt asking you to export the.dwg file to a.sdr
file. Click OK.

Save the.dwg file to a location that can be shared, and then import
it into Autodesk Inventor.

Close Autodesk Inventor.

In the.dwg file, scroll down to the External References section. Use
the file names listed there to locate the.sdr files you exported.

The.sdr file is used to send the drawing to your client. Find the
.sdr file corresponding to the drawing you wish to send. This could
be a.sdr file on the same computer, a file on a shared drive, or a
file on a remote file server.

To start the design process, you should save the.dwg file as a PDF
file with a short title. You can then open the PDF file in
Adobe Acrobat.

If you want to view the PDF file, open the Inventor software,
select the drawing on the list, and double-click the drawing.

Choose View > Open in Adobe Acrobat.

Select File > Save As, select the destination file, and click Save.

The file name is displayed. Select File > Save, and choose the type
of file you wish to save the drawing as. Click Save.

The file is saved to the specified location.

Choose File > Close.

Windows 2000, XP
Note that a user would need access to the Autodesk Inventor
software folder on the system running Autodesk Inventor.

In Autodesk Inventor, click the Tools icon on the menu bar, and
select External References > Export. The Export window opens,
displaying the External References section.

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Exchange drawings on the cloud with Adobe InDesign. Push design changes back and forth between Autodesk® InDesign® and Autodesk® AutoCAD® in real time, providing more detailed review and collaboration. (video: 2:03 min.)

Quickly generate labels, schematics, and much more, with the new Guide tool. Use the On the Grid tool to quickly generate a wireframe of complex geometry, and then edit it to create a detailed schematic. (video: 2:02 min.)

Create custom shape guides with the new Add Guides tool. Use the drawing viewports to guide the creation of a simple, visual shape that is easier to understand, without requiring a complex, technical description. (video: 3:09 min.)

Bulk edit your design and make changes to multiple drawings in a single step. Set up your changes in bulk to make the process even faster. (video: 2:54 min.)

Saving and sharing across your organization:

Use the Configure User context menu to modify your work across your organization, and then export that customized configuration to share it with others. (video: 2:47 min.)

And now your AutoCAD work will be saved with your changes and only you will be able to view them.

Scaling and Visibility features:

This release includes the ability to scale your drawing, view, and axes at a new level. Scale your drawing to be smaller or larger in its viewport, and then scale the viewport to be the same size or smaller, all with a single command. (video: 3:16 min.)

Invisibility has also received improvements with this release. The World View can now be set to Invisibility as well as Clear. Use this to help ensure a clean view of your drawing when working in other software. (video: 1:45 min.)

Other new features:

In addition to the new features detailed above, there are many more enhancements in AutoCAD 2023 that are not listed here. These include:

Improvements in the DYntocad and DYnpage tools

Increased performance and usability in the Review view

Improvements in the Grid view

Multiple enhancements for solids, including the new Polygonize command

The ability to share drawing objects between drawings

Availability and pricing

AutoCAD 2023 is

System Requirements:

– Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
– 4GB RAM minimum
– 700MHz processor or faster
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