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The software package is designed for architects, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, landscape architects, interior designers, building contractors, construction professionals and others with a need to design using computers.


AutoCAD 2018 or AutoCAD.2018 is a 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software application designed by Autodesk. In February 1996, Autodesk released AutoCAD, the first version of the software to allow the user to design a 3D model on their computer screen. AutoCAD was initially a PC-only app that operated on Microsoft Windows. The desktop version was available in three editions: Professional, Drafting, and Architectural. The architect edition is the newest.

AutoCAD 2019 or AutoCAD.2019 is a 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software application designed by Autodesk. In April 2013, Autodesk released AutoCAD.2020, an updated version of the desktop app with more features and a shift toward cloud-based services. Version 2020 now has a “dynamic” user interface for rendering, and the entire application runs in a more modern technology called.NET, which is based on the C# programming language.

The AutoCAD base license allows the users to build and use the software on up to two computers and five users. The software has the option to be operated on a network, allowing a remote user to access the same program on his or her laptop. A Windows-based Web App version is also available, and can be accessed from a browser or a mobile device.


Depending on the version of AutoCAD you use, the first step in using the software is downloading it from the Autodesk website. The company provides an installation disc for desktop versions and a USB installation disc for the web and mobile versions. The installation disc provides a user with the software and a set of documentation. The installation disc for the web and mobile versions is an app-and-a-half.

On the desktop, installation is a breeze. Simply insert the disc into a CD or DVD drive, load the AutoCAD disc into the computer, restart and run the setup wizard. In the end, you’ll be prompted to purchase a license to the AutoCAD software. The price will vary depending on the version you want, how many users, and whether or not you’re using network sharing

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PC-based AutoCAD programs for the DOS and Windows operating systems were created by ImagePro and First Light Software respectively. A Windows-based AutoCAD program, Autodesk and related products were released in 1987. In 2003, Autodesk discontinued this program. However, it is available through the Autodesk Evaluation Center.

Autodesk said on August 6, 2008, that AutoCAD would be introduced in 2009 for tablets and smartphones, using the Adobe Flash player. Autodesk said, however, that it would not introduce applications for mobile phones until 2010.

It can also be used to create 1D drawings, 2D drawings, 3D drawings, models, animations, symbols, profiles, text, and web images. An AutoCAD drawing can be exported in many different types of data formats including DXF, PLT, DWG, and SVG.

On March 20, 1998, Autodesk released a new Autodesk File Manager (AFM) editor as part of AutoCAD 1998. The AFM editor replaced the earlier CADEDIT.AFM editor, which had been part of AutoCAD until its removal in AutoCAD 2004. CADEDIT.AFM was replaced with CACAD.AFM, the new AFM editor used by both CACAD and AutoCAD until the release of AutoCAD 2016.

CAD originally had an integral structure-editor application (not to be confused with the MEP) that was also released in the year it was first released. That application was eventually made available for Microsoft Windows as well, and still exists as Autodesk Structural (AS), released as Autodesk Structural Elements (ASE) in 1998. This is part of the Autodesk Structure Definition product suite, now a part of AutoCAD Structure Design, which was released on the same day as CACAD in 1998.

CAD introduced what has since become a standard in the CAD industry, a layer-based system of drawing objects. With the introduction of the LayerManager tool in AutoCAD, layers can be copied, moved, deleted, and renamed and even merged and split. The LayerManager was introduced to AutoCAD in the year AutoCAD 1.0 was released.

Like many other CAD programs, AutoCAD introduced many features which it expanded upon over time. In addition, it incorporated and built on advances made by other CAD programs, such as drafting,

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Open the WinZip program and create a new folder where you would like to put the
resulting archive file.

Now paste the keygen into the newly created folder. You should then get a
message as the following:

“Autocad support… A WINZip application is required in order to
extract the license file.”

Double-click on the message to open the WinZip program.

Choose “Open” and select “OK” to extract the resulting file.
![img]( “The WinZip message”)

Launch Autocad and save the file to the desktop in “C:\Users\[your_username]\Desktop\”.

After you’ve created your file, rename it to

Now, go back to WinZip and look for the file you just created. Click the
“Extract” tab. You’ll be presented with a window similar to this:
![img]( “WinZip dialog to extract the license”)

Select the “C:\Users\[your_username]\Desktop\” file and click the
“Extract” button to start the extraction. If everything goes well, you will be
asked to confirm the extraction.

The file contains the license that needs to be uploaded
to Autodesk’s online support page. You must upload this license file after
you’ve generated it.

Launch Autocad and save the file to the desktop in “C:\Users\[your_username]\Desktop\” or
another folder.

Delete the file.

You now need to have the “Autocad” folder on your desktop. In Autocad,
select “Options” and click on “Plugins”. The “Uninstall Plugins” dialog
will appear.

Remove the “Autocad” folder.

Open the “Programs and Features” dialog by pressing the “Windows” key + X,
select the “Turn Windows Features on or off” item and uncheck the
“Autocad” folder.

Close “Programs and

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Markup Assistant helps you create better drawings, faster. Quickly send markings to drawings and to any AutoCAD features, including: DWG (Dynamic Windows), CSV, DXF, G-code, HTML, JPG, MPE, PDF, PLT, PNDF, SketchUp, SVG, and XMP.

Enhanced AutoCAD mobile apps, through new capabilities in AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD Electrical, and updates to the AutoCAD LT mobile apps.

Zoom Enhancement:

You can now zoom through drawings with a single button press, which significantly speeds up zooming during complex drawings and drafting. (video: 0:45 min.)

Enhanced B-axis support in the dimensioning, snap, and ruler tools.


You can now place a viewport in any drawing where you need to find the correct position.

Layer Attachments:

When you attach layers, you now have the ability to select specific properties from the Layer Attachments dialog, just as you can select specific properties when you attach geometric entities.

Ruler Editor:

A new ruler display style, a new split ruler display, and other new ruler features.


You can now navigate and select any type of file with a single click.

Model Space:

You can now manage your model space in any drawing.

Enhanced AutoCAD mobile apps:

On mobile, you can easily switch between apps.

CAD in the cloud:

The ability to connect to the cloud and automatically connect with cloud-based drawing resources.

New mobile editor:

A new on-screen drawing tool that enables you to edit drawings on the mobile device.

Zooming, panning, and other improvements:

A new workspace for zooming, enhancing precision, and navigation, and on-screen and app-based printing.


You can now complete a feature or open a drawing while performing a task in another application, such as browsing a web page, playing a video, or sending a message.

CAD systems:

CAD systems now have the ability to query, share, and import AutoCAD drawings.


Microsoft Edge, the browser built into Windows 10, is

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: 1.0 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Video: Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 / AMD HD 6870, 512 MB VRAM
DirectX: Version 9.0
Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
Hard Drive: 15 GB available space
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