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In addition to CAD tools, AutoCAD can be used for other drawing-related tasks, such as basic drafting, including functions for sketching, labeling, and basic editing.

AutoCAD Live, a free online web application that allows users to open, modify and save AutoCAD drawings and publish them to the Web.

AutoCAD Architecture, a free AutoCAD version to examine the layout of your home or business.

Useful AutoCAD features

In AutoCAD, you use vector graphics to create objects, such as curves, lines, planes, arcs, circles, text, and other shapes that may be joined or snapped together. The drawing you create, then, is composed of three kinds of objects: shapes, lines, and text.

The software is also capable of drawing some 2D and 3D solids (simplified shapes with a flat base), polylines and 3D solids, and polyplanes and 3D solids, all of which can be edited and manipulated in the same way.

Manipulation tools and objects can be combined in almost any arrangement, so long as you can connect them or click them together.

Vector objects can be edited using the same tools available in non-vector graphics programs, such as snap, snap-to, and move.

Vector objects cannot be edited with basic graphics tools such as line, point, or raster, because they are vector graphics.

Creating and editing objects

To begin creating objects in AutoCAD, draw them in the correct place and size, and then select the object and click in the drawing area.

To edit the object, hold the SHIFT key and click in the area that will show onscreen when the object is selected. This creates a new shape of the same type as the original, such as a circle, ellipse, rectangle, line, or polyline. To edit a polyline or polygon, click once to select the first point and then hold down the mouse button and click again to select the remaining points.

To create a new object, click the New icon in the drawing area, and then click the shape you want to create. There are 16 predefined shapes available.

Common shapes

The predefined shapes are available in various sizes. By default, when you create a new shape, it is

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Crossover Files (CRO): A system to export objects and drawings as a reusable file format.
Autodesk Shapefile Format (ASC): A geometric interchange file format which can be read and written by many programs.
AutoCAD Dynamic Components (ADDC): A program that allows many AutoCAD extensions to be written in different programming languages, such as Visual Basic and ObjectARX. It also provides many predefined functions, which can be invoked from a Visual Basic application.
Autodesk Advanced Graphics Tools (AAT): A scripting language used for building macros and embedded visual basic applications.
AutoCAD Fusion 360: Application and service bundle to access all AutoCAD features including BIM (Building Information Modeling), eBIM (Electronic BIM), ArcGIS for AutoCAD and PowerView.

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What’s New In?

Combine AutoCAD with Microsoft Excel or any other tool to make your analysis, data visualization, and collaboration more effective. These features are now available in the latest AutoCAD versions as well as Excel for Windows and Office for Mac 2019.

Envelopes and Drafting Clipping:

Clip selected parts of AutoCAD drawings to a new envelope layer, and customize how the new layer is displayed in the paper space.

Rework the display of comments to help you easily annotate your drawings with the information you need.

Enhancements to Page Settings:

Annotate and generate 2D and 3D views with added precision. You can now quickly and easily choose 2D or 3D annotate your pages with options for text and drawing overlays. You can even add a 2D compass indicator, which allows you to quickly find a page’s north pole and rotate and zoom by the indicated angle.

Customizable 3D Points and 3D Anchors:

Edit the size and shape of 3D points or 3D anchors using a new set of 3D points and controls. You can also quickly display and hide 3D anchors as needed.

Extend existing scripts and reports to make it easier to make custom and automated changes and to customize reporting tools and dashboards.

Out of the Box:

New 2D and 3D Viewports:

A fresh new look with an enhanced user experience.

Live Snap improvements:

Shrink and move 2D and 3D views with one mouse click.

Open drawer and gallery windows with a single mouse click.

Annotation and Comments Improvements:

Simplify and shorten the process of annotating a drawing. Easily add comments and edit existing comments using a new annotation interface.

Expand the functionality of comments. Any comment can be converted to a viewable textbox or block so you can easily annotate 2D and 3D views or dimensions.

Annotate drawings without sacrificing the quality of your existing drawings. Annotation features in AutoCAD are now available for 2D, 3D, and CAD blocks.

Improvements to SVG:

Support for rendering SVG shapes with 3D and 2D annotate views.

Work seamlessly with Math:

Add more mathematical functions and operations to your drawings.

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows XP (Service Pack 3) or higher
Processor: Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard Disk: 200 MB of free hard disk space
Graphics: DirectX 9.0-compatible with a Pixel Shader 3.0-compatible video card
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Sound Card: Sound Card with DirectSound 3.0-compatible drivers
DVD-ROM or CD-ROM Drive:

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