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AutoCAD is available as either a desktop application or a cloud-based platform called AutoCAD 360.

In April 2016, Autodesk announced that AutoCAD 2016 is going to be released for the web. AutoCAD 2016 is also available on mobile devices and as a desktop app. In August 2018, Autodesk announced that AutoCAD 2019 and AutoCAD LT 2019 will be available for the web.

Autodesk has since then had annual releases for AutoCAD every year.

AutoCAD 2018 was released on July 11, 2017, AutoCAD LT 2017 was released on July 21, 2017, AutoCAD 2019 was released on July 22, 2018, AutoCAD LT 2019 was released on July 22, 2018, AutoCAD 2020 was released on July 21, 2019 and AutoCAD LT 2020 was released on July 22, 2019.

AutoCAD 2012 (2012v) — The latest release of AutoCAD is AutoCAD 2012. This release was released in September 2012. Features in this release include a grid-based interface that allows users to zoom in and out of sections of drawings and the ability to create parametric constraints for form, fit, and scale.

AutoCAD 2016 — AutoCAD 2016 is the latest release of AutoCAD. This release was released in April 2016. The major feature of AutoCAD 2016 is the inclusion of shape tools. Shape tools allow users to create and edit either geometrically based or parametric curves, points, and polygons. Other major features included in AutoCAD 2016 include:

2D: Graticules, diagrams, and text styles,

3D: 3D surface display features, 2.5D visualization, the ability to combine 2D with 3D, and the inclusion of interplanar surfaces,

2D and 3D: editable layer properties, layers and blocks, 2D graphics properties, and user interface changes,

2D: drawing table view, drawing methods, and the ability to make selections using multiple points, lines, and polylines,

2D and 3D: the ability to create and edit block references,

2D and 3D: the ability to create and edit wireframe and planar curves,

2D and 3D: the ability to create and edit break lines,

2D and 3D: the ability to create and edit circular and

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Enhancements for HMI users
Autodesk released Version 18 of the HMI (Human Machine Interface) and the HI (High-level Interface) on June 3, 2014, also known as Building Information Modeling (BIM). On September 16, 2014 the HMI and HI 18 release was upgraded to version 18.5. This new HMI and HI release made use of a new development framework called Project Configurator, allowing multiple applications, on a single machine, to communicate with Autodesk Revit Architecture project files. This new framework was announced at Autodesk University 2014.

Version 18.5 of the HMI/HI is being rolled out in stages. In a typical deployment, users would be prompted to download and install the new HMI and HI as a “beta” release. Once the installation has completed successfully, the new HMI and HI would be configured and installed as the default applications. Once all users are upgraded, the “beta” release would be rolled back to the previous release. The client would be notified of the rollback, and the beta release would be removed. Users would be warned, and directed to install the new version when it is available.

Version 18.5 of the HMI/HI added two new applications to Autodesk’s HMI and HI product line. The HMI Voice (HLI) allows users to record dictation and play it back to an architectural plan. A similar functionality is available in the current version of AutoCAD 2022 Crack, however the HMI Voice application in Autodesk HMI/HI 18.5 allows users to transfer the recorded dictation to Autodesk Revit Architecture. A tool bar is added to the user interface, with buttons for HMI Voice, and Revit Architecture. The HMI Voice will transfer all the controls and panels, including any customizations that have been made, back and forth between AutoCAD and Revit Architecture. All of the dialog boxes, including the title bar, close and save buttons are transferred as well. Users can play back any of the recorded files in the HMI Voice application in Autodesk Revit Architecture.

Version 18.5 of the HMI and HI also added two new applications to the HMI/HI lineup. A MIG to Revit Workbench allows the creation of a MIG (Manufacturing Interchange Format) file, which can then be opened in Autodesk Revit Architecture and exported to Revit as a DW

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Scientists Research Alternative Energy Sources for Spacecraft


Green energy is a welcome alternative to petroleum fuels for powering spacecraft, because of its zero-pollution attributes and the potential it has for providing a sustainable way for humans to explore space. But for now, it’s not the most practical option for traveling far out into space. And while some materials are being studied to turn into viable spacecraft fuels, a new report in the journal Acta Astronautica, from the University of Newcastle in Australia, has set out to determine the feasibility of such fuels to provide energy and thrust to spacecraft.

This is an important topic, because propulsion is a major component of a spacecraft’s energy budget. If we want to explore deeper space, and travel on to other planets, we will need more fuel to power the spacecraft, and alternative sources are being considered as potential replacements.

Filling out the rocket equation

The first step in using alternative fuels is to understand the properties of the materials, and see what affects them in use. For example, what happens to the fuel when it is in a rocket engine or on a spacecraft? How does it react to the vacuum of space? How does it burn and how much thrust can it produce? In this study, University of Newcastle researchers are using theoretical calculations to answer these questions and to see whether alternative fuels such as hydrogen and ammonia could be viable alternatives for propulsion in space.

The research team studied how these substances would react in an engine or in the vacuum of space. They looked at whether the reaction would be exothermic, or produce heat, and the extent of that heat. They also studied the properties of the products of the reaction, such as the thrust that they produce, and how it changes over time.

Somewhat of a challenge

The advantage of theoretical calculations is that they allow researchers to consider large numbers of circumstances, and to determine if there are any undesirable consequences. For example, in an interstellar mission, the spacecraft will be far from any planet or sun, which means it will be in a vacuum. If something like a hydrogen fuel tank leaks, there won’t be any oxygen in the tank to react with the hydrogen, but there will still be a significant amount

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Autodesk® AutoCAD® software for Mac and Windows is a powerful design solution for creating 2D and 3D drawings. With the most complete set of tools to create technical drawings, conceptual models, and sophisticated BIM workflows, AutoCAD is the industry standard for creating reliable, high-quality technical drawings.’use strict’;

import ‘datepicker/build/datepicker.css’;
import ‘../dist/datepicker.min.css’;
import ‘./style.css’;
import ‘./style_native.css’;

import React, { PureComponent, Fragment } from’react’;
import { Image, Button, Modal, Label, Select } from ‘nylas-component-kit’;
import { connect } from’react-redux’;
import { ipfs_modal } from ‘../../../navigation/ipfs_modal’;
import { get_icon_for_select, get_datepicker_fields } from ‘../../../constants/constants’;

import * as DateUtils from ‘../../../utils/date_utils’;
import DateTimeInput from ‘../../common/components/DateTimeInput’;

const getDatepicker = (
renderer: any,
fields: string[]
): any => {
const datepicker = renderer.createInstance(Datepicker, {
addon: {
trigger: {
list: [
has_shortcuts: true,

return datepicker;

const Calendar: PureComponent = ({
}) => {
const selected

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

8GB of RAM and 60GB of available space required to play, and at least a dual-core CPU.
Our review unit is a laptop which means it is powered by a machine within the Intel range (3rd Generation Intel Core i5, or higher). Dual-core desktop CPUs should have no issue getting through the game.
The video settings on a gaming laptop are generally less demanding than on a full desktop computer, so we recommend you save power in terms of graphics settings.
An external mouse is recommended for precision.

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