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The main advantage of AutoCAD over previous desktop CAD programs was that the program was based on an integrated set of user interface concepts, including tools for managing complex drawings and a process-based model that allowed interactive visualisation of parts of drawings as they were being created. The introduction of these features made AutoCAD very user-friendly, and its ease of use made it a popular choice for CAD operations and a best-seller in the market for desktop CAD. AutoCAD is used for 2D, 3D and plotter-based mechanical and architectural drafting. Today, it is the world’s most widely used commercial software for drafting.

AutoCAD R14, released in October 2018, is the first release of AutoCAD to use new, modernized user interface (UI) concepts based on a new object-oriented model for workflow, command logic, and the design of tools. These new concepts support the current practice of “agile” drafting, and make it easier for Autodesk to add new features in future releases. They also enhance the design of interactive elements.

The current release of AutoCAD, AutoCAD 2018, is available in desktop, cloud and mobile versions. The new user interface is only available on the desktop version.


AutoCAD was initially developed by Paul Sulyok, a member of University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Geometry and Topology, who saw the need for a CAD program to support his work on surface topography. Sulyok, also a computer graphics programmer and author of “A Short Course in C++ for Computer Graphics,” taught the basics of drafting, as well as the user interface and CAD programming, to developers at Polaroid Corporation’s Design Research Department, which was developing the next generation of Polaroid instruments. He was given access to the production-use model of the new device, which was built on the Control Data Corporation 1620-based CDC 6600, to see how it worked and to improve the software.

Sulyok and his team started working on AutoCAD in 1978, initially to design and manufacture a prototype of a lens grinder, on a $65,000 budget, which was completed just in time for the product’s launch.

AutoCAD took about a year to develop, using a team of three to five developers at Polaroid, including Sulyok and his programming partner, Frank Lasocki. Sulyok was the original “

AutoCAD 21.0 For Windows

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AutoCAD 21.0 Free Download

Import the project from the shared folder and get the license key for the.lic file.

Install Autodesk Inventor and activate it.
Import the project from the shared folder and get the license key for the.lic file.


On the Autodesk site is a link to the Autodesk help site. Here you can find documents for Autodesk software for all platforms. If you look for a term in the Autodesk help site, you’ll see a link to that term in the Autodesk Help Search page.


The Autodesk home page has a new section called: “Lists of Guides”. The Autodesk home page is at


To see blog entries, first go to the Autodesk blog page at

Other Resources

A list of Autodesk licensed software and tools is maintained at The Autodesk site also provides a link to the Autodesk product activation page. The activation page lists the activation codes, the Autodesk software and Autodesk software sites, and the Autodesk help pages for each Autodesk application.

For support with Autodesk software, contact Autodesk Technical Support at

Autodesk License Terms

Some Autodesk software products are licensed to you on a “per user” or “per license” basis. Other Autodesk products are licensed to you “per machine” or “per site” basis. This license agreement is in addition to the terms and conditions of the license that you already have with Autodesk and applies to any Autodesk software you purchase.



The product names, logos, brands, and other trademarks or service marks displayed are the property of their respective owners.


Autodesk®, AutoCAD®, and AutoCAD LT® are registered trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., and/or its subsidiaries and/or its affiliates. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective owners. Autodesk reserves the

What’s New in the?

The drawing import and manipulation tools in AutoCAD have been designed to help you make better decisions when you import content into a drawing, making it easy to include comments and revisions to the file.

To import feedback into your drawings, drag and drop or import an attachment to the Insert menu. Now, when you import from paper or a PDF, the content is automatically annotated and your files’ comments are embedded in the drawings.

In addition to comments that can be automatically included in imported content, you can also make notes that you add manually to the drawings. To do this, highlight text or annotation styles and click Import to import comments that you make manually into a drawing.

More drawing options are available when you import comments into a drawing. You can select a text color, change the text outline color, modify line styles, and apply line colors. If a comment has a hyperlink or another attachment, you can view the link or attachment in the drawing.

You can make notes and markups visible in your current viewport by selecting the Markup tab in the upper right corner of the View menu.

To enhance the drawing creation experience and reduce mistakes, you can easily use the Markup Assist tool while you are creating your drawing. It helps to organize and simplify the creation process by allowing you to apply a set of predefined standards to the objects in your drawing. For example, if you are creating a drawing that will contain only shaded and linetype objects, the Markup Assist tool can help to make sure that you are only drawing those objects.

When you select the Markup tab, you can assign a text or text box style to each component, such as a text style, text box, or text box comment.

When you click the Modeling button on the Markup tab, the Markup Assist tool is displayed on the modeling window.

The panel includes these features:

Text and linetype options:

Create and apply a text or text box style.

Create and apply line styles.

Create and apply a non-linear callout style.

Create and apply annotation styles.

Link annotations.

Create and apply path and spline styles.

Create and apply geometric styles (Polyline, Polyface, and Multisegment).

Create and apply custom annotation types (custom callout, text, and shape types).

Create and apply 3D custom

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Requires Windows 7 or later.
To use Firefox for Windows, visit
To use Firefox for Mac, visit
Keyboard Shortcuts:
Use standard keyboard shortcuts.
For Mac users:
Cmd-T: Open the Tools Menu.
Cmd-B: Toggle Full Screen mode.
Cmd-F: Toggle Full Screen mode.
Note: To enter

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