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Possible to order a count of users using the active users module?

I want to build a link that would display the number of active users on Drupal7.
I thought the best way to go about this was to use the Active Users module.
However, I’m doing some theme customization and don’t want to include any module or module dependencies in my settings.php file.
Here are some of the things I’ve already tried and didn’t work.

$accounts = menu_get_active_trail();
$count = 0;
foreach ($accounts as $account) {
echo $count;

Any suggestions?


Try this one. I’m sure you’ll get your answer.
$total = 0;
foreach($users as $user)

We had much to celebrate when we were last in California in April and June. For one thing we reconnected with old friends from when I was a kid – Arthur Robles from Thousand Oaks, Bill Braxton from Irvine and Peter Russell from Irvine. For another, we got to spend a weekend with some new friends, Julie, Tiffany, Adam and Sarah from Los Angeles. We celebrated the birthdays of several friends – Paul Ingraham, Ben Rogness, David & Elizabeth Lawrence and more.

But we were also saddened by the passing of Peter D. Gardner, friend and mentor. This is the note left on our door from our host when we returned in June:

June 14, 2009

Hi, We wanted to let you know that Peter D. Gardner has passed away.

We are sorry to say that Peter passed away on May 22, 2009, in Lancaster, CA. He was 78 years old.

Please accept our sympathy and give us a call if you need to get in touch.


Michael, Tiffany, Adam and Sarah

Like most people these days, we don’t pay much attention to our daily schedules, so we weren’t expecting to be away until this coming Friday. In May, Peter Gardner’s best friend and fellow artist, Bernard Martinez, passed


Features Key:

  • Play 7 chapters, each with their own puzzles!
  • 9 challenges for all 3 difficulty levels: Normal, Hard and Master
  • Up to 3 different endings

What’s new:

  • Channel Record, Channel Transfer and Light Fader!
  • Level of the key is fixed!
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Canned sounds are not included in the game! All sounds are free!
  • Surprises in store!
  • 140 achievements and 2 high scores!
  • Saved.
  • Fixed!

Game Controls:

  • Arrows: Move the yellow man.
  • X: Quickly undo anything you did.
  • Capsule key: Change the control mode to Capsule.
  • Z: Zap the woman!
  • Players: Ani and Bill.
  • Menu: Menu, Options and Save.
  • Bonus chapter: Adjusts the chapter according to the selected difficulty level.


ARMA: Gold Edition Torrent Free PC/Windows [2022-Latest]

The evil mage Niflheim is one step closer to his ultimate goal of wiping out all magic in the world. The gods are powerless and their savior is hiding in plain sight: you. If you have ever felt the power of magic running through your blood, then you are the hero that the world needs.

Collect the power of the Elemental Guardians and defeat Niflheim with the power of the elements – earth, wind, fire and water. But it’s not all that simple. Each Guardian wields their own unique powers, and only when you are wielding all four elements in tandem can you realize your full potential. Master the unique power of each Guardian and you will command the elements that will help you to defeat Niflheim.

The Elements:

Earth – With the power of the ground, players must absorb the strength of the Earth, Blade enemies and avoid Niflheim’s attacks to draw energy and gain power.

Wind – The power of the winds will boost your vital strength and fill your weapon with wind for increased damage.

Fire – Recharge your body by absorbing the energy of the Fire element, releasing an explosive attack that can freeze enemies.

Water – Element of the Waves, players gain new abilities and powerful attacks while moving through the watery environment.

The Guardians:

Qin – A female Crystal Guardian with the power of the Water element. She trains her wielders to master Water magic and absorb the power of the water.

Grendal – A skeletal Dragon Guardian with the power of the Fire element. He wields his flaming staff to melt ice and freeze enemies.

Ix – A sorceress Guardian with the power of the Fire element. She is able to combine Fire and Earth magic with her metal staff to destroy all magical objects.


Niflheim is a ruthless mage with the power to control the elements. Niflheim is bent on destroying magic once and for all, and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

Game Features:

“Grow as a Guardian” allows players to collect and upgrade their own Guardians, each with their own unique abilities. As the game progresses, you will need to train and improve them to reach higher levels and master your Guardian skills.

Plenty of fresh elements in the game mechanics will keep you on your toes, the combinations of elements will take you to new levels


ARMA: Gold Edition Crack Download [2022-Latest]

1. Type A is a single player game.Player choose an difficulty from the difficulty setting or tap the game and select ” Single player “.
2. Type B is a multi player game in which player can play against the computer or human players.
3. The game has various difficulty level such as Standard,Easy,Normal,Hard.
4. There is a variation of weapon in the game,such as : Player can use pistol,rifle,shotgun,a-bomb,b-bomb,c-bomb,and also player can use special weapon like UAV, a-bomb, and scout helicopter
5. Game contains items that can be found on the map and the player can buy from the store to increase his power.
6. Game can be played as various mission such as: Escape from enemy, racing, stealth,kill story,kill em all and kill streak
7. Grade School Girl as the heroine has more dynamic character to play, and it is a game which player will have a good time
8. The game can be played by many players simultaneously.
9. In the game, player can gain experience points and use those points to level up.
10. Game contains all-new and exciting features to play, such as : new battle system and action game will always be fun
11. Player will think new characters and weapons after playing the game.
12. Game contains a shooting range
13. Game contains various missions such as: Player can play the mission in the place.
14. You will lose gold when the enemy shoots,attacking weapons and gunfire, player can use airplane and equipment that will cause game to stop in the place.
15. The game contains various maps to play.
16. You can play the game in a room in the school.
17. You can play the game in the various maps, featuring well designed maps to play.
18. The game supports two players to play multiplayer.
Game “Tiger Striker” Gameplay
1. Type A: Single player game.Player choose an difficulty setting from the difficulty setting or tap the game and select ” Single player ”
2. Type B: Multi player game.
3. Game has various difficulty level such as Standard,Easy,Normal,Hard.
4. The game has variation of weapon in the game, such as : Player can use pistol,rifle,shotgun,a-bomb,b-bomb,c-bomb,and


What’s new:

    Labyronia Elements is a genus of gnetophytes, commonly known as fan willows, in the family Gnetaceae. species grow from Australia through Malesia, the Pacific Ocean and the Americas. These are among the fastest-growing trees. In the US, they grow as tall as 50 feet.

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    Download ARMA: Gold Edition

    You know that building with so many layers? The ones that seem like they could be the home to life after death or a pair of tentacles, ever so frightening? Well, today is your lucky day. The only problem is that you’ll be exploring for a very long time. In fact, years. You’ve been going up and down, up and down for months. There is no end to this building. Ever.
    After all, who would build a house and its basement only to hide a secret from everyone? Why would they do that?
    To be quite honest, you’re pretty clueless yourself.
    One day you come back to that building for the first time in a long time. You look up at the window, squint and try to see, if you find anything unexpected.
    What you see, is this:
    Roo Cherriwati smiles at the window. She has no idea what she just saw. But she has her bag.
    Roo Cherriwati is a lesbian girl who dreams of doing her job well, making a lot of money and having some fun.
    She’s been travelling for a long time. After falling in love with her first love, she found a job that sounded perfect. At least, it was perfect on paper. And after several interviews, she got the job. Then, things went downhill.
    Sometimes a girl just can’t plan everything out, can she?
    “A girl who can’t plan things can always get them done.”
    Thus, the Nymphs have taught us since time immemorial.
    One day, she will have to return to the building. She will look at it and see a girl in a red dress.
    Roo Cherriwati is hoping that some other girl will go in the same way, to that building, and just when she looks, will stare, right at her.
    Will she see this girl? Will she see her eyes shine with hope?
    What will happen when this girl says “hello”?
    The answers to those questions await you.
    Your task is to find out.
    *Roo Cherriwati is about a 23-year-old long haired Indonesian girl. She is a hopelessly romantic, very much into practical jokes, video games, sex and cute things. She dreams of being a nurse. She currently lives alone in an apartment in Central Jakarta.*


    How To Crack:

  • Download the setup and run it
  • Install the game
  • Play game with your friends.




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