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Windows File Recovery is a tool implemented in Windows since 2004. You may not have heard of it unless you are familiar with the command-line tool, or CMD. Winfr is the base rule for activating this recovery service that scans your partitions and removable drives to dig up deleted files. AOMEI WinfrGUI takes what WFR has to offer and merges it with a graphical user interface, hence the name.
Sports a sharp-looking UI
Recovery applications are not a scarce resource, choosing one being influenced by personal criteria. If you are looking for eye candy, this app can keep up. Despite it being a simple emulation of a CMD tool, WinfrGUI manages to display itself as a neat, standalone program.
Launch the app and wait for it to identify your drives and partitions. Select the partition you wish to examine and decide the scanning mode — quick scan or deep scan. Picking the output partition must follow a simple rule, though. A drive cannot be scanned if the output folder is set on it. You must change the location based on the drive you want to scan.
WinfrGUI is capable to recover files from drives formatted as NTFS, FAT, exFAT, and ReFS. As for what file types can it recover, that's the information we deduct from Custom extensions options from the Advanced settings area, and it means all formats.
Check out the Advanced Settings for customization
The Advanced settings menu changes a bit depending on the scanning mode. If you are going with the Quick Scan, you'll have the ability to target specific folders for the scan. Targeting files types for recovery is a common set of features shared by both methods.
In case you are looking for a Deep Scan, you'll get access to different tweaks. More precisely, you can input values for starting sectors, cluster size, or the total number of sectors. These settings apply to users who know their drives bit by bit, increasing scanning accuracy.
To conclude
AOMEI WinfrGUI is a neat reinterpretation of the Windows File Recovery tool. This app proves that a simple user interface can facilitate access to old services casual users didn't even know to exist.


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AOMEI WinfrGUI With Product Key Free Download

AOMEI WinfrGUI Crack Keygen is a Windows file recovery tool with a graphical user interface.
Key Features:
1. Finds all files that were deleted from a running system.
2. Digs up files that were deleted from hard drives.
3. Digs up files that were deleted from removable media.
4. An excellent alternative to WinRecoverMCE and WugR.
5. All the functions in WinfrGUI can be used as command-line tools, accessible from the command line.
6. Optimized for performance.
About AOMEI WinfrGUI:
AOMEI WinfrGUI is a Windows file recovery tool with a graphical user interface. It’s able to find all the files that were deleted from the system and can be used as command-line tools. It’s highly recommended to use WinfrGUI to recover deleted files and files you wanted to restore but couldn’t.
Full Specifications:
1 GHz
1 GB
Hard Drive:
3 GB
Graphics Card:
Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10
AOMEI Forensics is the registered trademark of AiExtract team.
Important Disclaimer:
The tools provided by AOMEI are for recovering lost data. Not for any illegal use. AOMEI has been developed using a very high standard of encryption. When you use these tools, you agree that you won’t use the disk, or any of its contents, for anything illegal.
And, if you use the tools without any kind of permission, we won’t guarantee any kind of compensation or support.
More information is available on our:
AOMEI official site:
Technical Support

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AOMEI WinfrGUI Free (April-2022)

WinfrGUI is a simple yet powerful command-line file recovery utility. It is able to recover a variety of file system types, including NTFS, FAT, and exFAT.
From the perspective of file recovery, WFR is an application that was developed to allow Windows administrators to recover lost or deleted files. It is best known for its ability to recover files from deleted or formatted partitions and removable drives. Most of the time, the drive is lost when there are still some files on it, so the program is usually used by backup or PC repair experts.
What makes WinfrGUI stand out from its bigger brother is its graphical user interface (GUI). Its UI is quite simple and clean, emulating a command line window. You can check it out below:
Recovery Mode
Once you have the drive selected in the drop-down menu, the three most important features
for recovery, Quick Scan or Deep Scan, and Output Folder, are the one that will set this up. If you need to change the drive for which you’ll be scanning, you can check the drop-down menu and select it.
Custom options
Anytime you are going to perform a recovery, you should first customize the settings for the scan. WFR was never made to analyze drives that haven’t been formatted in a while, so if you want to make sure you’re getting the best results from the scan, you have to adjust its performance.
To do that, you just need to input values for the starting sectors, the cluster size, and the total number of sectors. There are many things that this scan can do, and you can change them to get the best results. Like the name suggests, deep scans are much more powerful than quick scans, but they are harder to set up.
Supported Formats
The engine of WinfrGUI is written in C/C++, and it supports Linux, Windows, and macOS. Recovering files from NTFS, FAT, and exFAT is a breeze. ReFS, however, needs more work. As for Windows itself, WinfrGUI is able to open drive partitions that were formatted in MBR or GPT. Finally, be aware that the program may not be compatible with NTFS, GPT, and FAT16 or FAT32, so you should choose wisely what you want to recover.

System requirements:
Windows XP/7/8/10 or later



AOMEI WinfrGUI Crack+ With License Key Free Download

AOMEI WinfrGUI is a file recovery tool that can recover data from all Windows OS file systems.
AOMEI WinfrGUI Features:
• Recovers FAT/FAT32, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ReFS, EXT, EXT3, EXT4, exFAT, NTFS5, Extended File System, Enhanced File System, NTFS5.1, exFAT, and exFAT+ clusters.
• Supports Cached Recovery of deleted files and recovering of files from all Windows OS file systems.
• Converts files/folders to other format.
• Provides a built-in file recovery process from Windows 10 operating system.
• The program is a straightforward utility allowing you to capture the files from hard disks, USB drives, flash cards, memory cards, etc.
• Automatically uses the particular scan engine of the selected file system
• Supports file deletion confirmation.
• Encrypts files before recovery.
• Provides a built-in Windows file system driver that emulates all the file systems.
• Has a built-in driver that enables you to quickly recover media files and other records from many different devices.
• Supports 64-bit OS environments.
• Has a built-in partition manager.
• Supports all Windows OS versions including Windows Server 2012.

AOMEI Dual Space is a software that provides you with a full-featured dual boot solution for Windows 10 and Ubuntu. It allows you to use both operating systems at the same time, keeping both your applications and software updated on both.
AOMEI Dual Space Features
– Can boot both Windows 10 and Ubuntu at the same time
– Supporting 8 different disk configurations: One-disk (U.S.-style Windows partition with Ubuntu on another), Two-disk (two distinct disks with different partitioning schemes), Three-disk (a Windows partition with two different disk configurations for Linux, such as dual-boot), and Dual-boot (in which you run two operating systems on one disk with no partition).
– Allows you to boot into either OS at any time
– Supports UEFI or BIOS mode.
– Supports Windows Secure Boot.
– Supports Ubuntu Secure Boot.
– Supports UEFI multi-language and Dual boot.
– Dual Space is used to quickly install and uninstall Ubuntu.
– Provides a superb integration with Microsoft Windows.
– Provides the ability to keep your applications and software updated on all

What’s New in the AOMEI WinfrGUI?

Supports a wide range of Windows file systems and volumes

Supports almost all Windows file systems as well as.EXE,.COM,.RAR, and.CAB archives

Includes a built-in Free version of Deleted Files Recovery

Can recover lost files from compressed (PPM, JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG, and ICO) image files as well as ZIP and RAR archive files

AOMEI’s WinfrGUI is easy to use. In terms of file recovery, it is a match-made in heaven.
The Best Part
The recovery tool is free. The differences with the commercial Win-Recover is merely in aesthetics.
WinfrGUI Pro, on the other hand, offers a wide array of tweaks. More precisely, you can decide how the scanning process will start and how many sectors or clusters to scan per time.


Easy to use

Supports a wide range of Windows file systems and volumes


Doesn’t feature the Deleted Files Recovery feature

WinfrGUI is an underrated tool. It may not boast all the features compared to the alternatives, but it is a no-brainer as far as the rest of the features are concerned.
Final Word
For those of you who want a reliable tool that is both free and aesthetic-minded, this is one of your best options.

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1.6GB or more free space on the device storage
1024×768 display resolution
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iOS 6 or later
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