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Absolute adventure gives you unlimited freedom of action. You are the only one who can decide what to do and how to do it. You can choose between Good and Evil. Are you ready to face the right or wrong choices of your life.
Absolute adventure is a humorous quest filled with action, shooting, explosions, you will travel to exotic and funny places, you will talk to people and interact with the world around you, you will find many wonderful and funny objects and surprises along the way.
Absolute adventure is a such kind of games that you can play in your free time.

Hello! This review covers my experiences with my game name of the day – Absolutes

When I first started learning to program, I made a simple game where you had to move through multiple screens and try to avoid enemies. It was a simple game using 2d graphics and I think I made about 10-15 minutes into it and I had to stop writing code and start thinking of a story.

After that, I had the opportunity to work on a larger game and that’s when I decided to go for it.

This time I wanted to make a game that looked like it was still on the old 2d side with the text being displayed in windows in the background, but when the player moved too far left or right they would slide into 3d view, where there would be boxes and the player was also a box with four sides. It was a very basic idea that by changing how I did the graphics, I could have a little bit of style. I also had the chance to make a complete adventure game with multiple endings and choose the right path and challenges for each ending.

My version of the game comes in Windows, Mac, Linux (32 and 64 bit) and Android.

Along the way I’ve been experimenting with music, video game music, manipulating values and making quite a lot of mistakes, but here’s the proof.

NOTE: At the moment I only have full support for Windows in Absolutes, so if you’re a Linux or Android user, you’re out of luck.


Absolutes is a seen from above game with RPG elements and exploration ones, all combined with old style graphics and sound.

In Absolutes, you are the new hero of the story. There is an evil group of people ready to take over the world and you must restore peace by killing them all.

The other day


Features Key:

  • Combat
    • furious boss encounters
  • Adventure
    • 18+&ardir; quests
    • 19+&ardir; gated chapters
  • Environment
    • 11+ class of maps
    • 3 world types


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Adventure Of Tuck License Keygen

Main Story
Main Story Mode will start the game.
What Are Sayings:
Several of “Amakawa Nobles Academy’s” important people have fallen, and those are our victims. The culprit behind this is Shinri Narita. As a result of these events, we need you to work together with us to save Saku Otonashi.
Amakawa Nobles Academy:
This is “Amakawa Noble Academy” located in the quiet castle town of Amakawa. Our school has trained young people for thousands of years. Despite the academy’s long history, the school is only as strong as the current administration. It is our job to train these girls to lead the modern world.
The First Student:
It all began when an unknown man came to our school.
We will meet his cat named Ate.
The Second Student:
He came to the school to become a Shinigami.
His name is Shinri Narita.
The Third Student:
He is a transfer student who would not leave this school without a fight.
His name is Ryuu.
The Fourth Student:
She is the most ideal of our Crowns.
Her name is Hana.
The Fifth Student:
She is Saku Otonashi’s attendant and the sole survivor of the terrorist attack that befell our school.
Her name is Saki.
Shinri Narita’s Class:
The class is a mixed bag, but that’s natural in a first year class. Students differ as they are all looking for their own agendas.
Yotori Narita:
A senpai who went through some major changes in her life.
A spirited girl who likes to work together with others.
Otonashi Saki:
The sole survivor of a terrorist attack that has left our school in a bad state. She is a beautiful girl, but also a strong-headed leader.
Otonashi Hana:
Although she often seems to be cold and aloof, she has a strong sense of justice.
Otonashi Saku:
She is the quiet leader of the Crowns. She is also a transfer student who has come to the school under a lot of pressure.
Otonashi Ryuu:
He is a close friend of Saku and the victim of the terrorist attack that occurred at our school.
Otonashi Yotori:
He is another close friend of Saku’s.


What’s new in Adventure Of Tuck:

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