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Figure 1-1 shows the Control Panel, which contains the various windows.

Photoshop Elements is a part of the Adobe Photoshop software. The interface is the same as Photoshop, with one major exception: Elements doesn’t have a memory card slot for saving and storing your images. There are other differences between Photoshop and Elements. We present details on both versions of Photoshop in this chapter.

FIGURE 1-1: The Photoshop Control Panel.

You may also find the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom app useful for organizing and managing your digital images.

Combine the following key features of Photoshop and Elements to make your work in these programs easier.

Easy to use

Although Photoshop and Elements share similar programs, you still need to know how to use them — or how to work with both programs together — to create your best work.

Prima facie, both Photoshop and Elements are equally easy to use. However, subtle nuances make life easier, so check out the following tips:

Elements is easier on the eyes than Photoshop.

New in Adobe Photoshop CS5 is the ability to share entire Photoshop files from one machine to another via the Adobe Bridge program and linked networks. However, unless you own a copy of the software that’s being shared, you may not be able to open an image in Photoshop that you created on your own machine.

Using Live View, you can see exactly what the computer sees onscreen, which can aid you in manipulating your image.

You can get more work done in one minute in Photoshop than you can in a day in Elements.

You can import more than 30 image formats into Elements, including LIF files and CD images. However, you must first convert these files to a standard format. Elements also has the ability to save files in JPEG, TIFF, and PSD formats.

Photoshop captures a faster frame rate than Elements. Photoshop refreshes almost as quickly as your own eye and brain, making it easier to work quickly.

The new feature of the Adobe Bridge program lets you share your images with other people who can view, edit, or print them in Photoshop or your connected online service.

See how to create new images and save them in the next section.

Elements lets you work with images quickly and efficiently by giving you a different overall approach to handling files. You can import files, open them in their native format, and export them. You can also use templates for creating

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Like with any image editor or graphic designer software, you must remember to exercise caution when operating the graphics program. Make sure you know how to backup your image and ensure that you are storing your files properly.

Why Use Photoshop Elements?

We are here to give you information on why Photoshop Elements has become a popular alternative to Photoshop.

Lack of Feature Maturity: Photoshop Elements was created in 1997, so it still does not have the same features as Photoshop. For example, Photoshop Elements does not have vector tracing or Photoshop layers.

Perfectly Basic Image Editing: Photoshop Elements is just a simple tool for editing images. It does not have many of the editing tools, layers, filters, and other graphical features that most of us are familiar with from Photoshop.

Easy To Use: Photoshop Elements is very easy to use; there is a simple interface to navigate around the program. It is intuitive to anyone who is new to image editing software, and it is very easy to learn.

The Basic Toolset: Photoshop Elements has a number of drawing tools, filters, and image manipulation tools.

Photoshop Elements was made for Power Users: Originally, Photoshop Elements was just a basic graphics editor, but they have continued to improve it over the years. The program now has a number of advanced features that work well for those who know how to use them. The user interface is relatively easy for beginners to navigate around, but a Photoshop user can use the program for image-editing and manipulating tasks.

Easy to Customize: Photoshop Elements has a customizable user interface. Users can change the look and feel of the program to their liking. It also has numerous plugins and extensions that can be downloaded and used in the editor.

What Photoshop Elements Features Do I Need?

Photoshop Elements is a simple image editing program, so you will only need to use the basics to create new images, retouch, and work on web images.

Although the program is designed for casual usage, it has many features that you will use for more advanced editing.

Here are some of the most useful features you will need to learn how to use and manipulate with Photoshop Elements:

Drawing Tools

Properties Panel

Color Control Panel

Effects Panel

Filters Panel

Layer Panel

Media Encoding Panel


Layers Panel

8-Bit Editing


Brush Selection


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